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Get to Know PLVSH: The Personal Styling For Plus Size Women, By Plus Size Woman

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Meet Your New Plus Size Personal Styling Service

I trust my mirror. I’ve had it for a while now and I know that it gives me a pretty accurate reflection of how I look every time I throw on an outfit. I don’t place the same amount of trust in changing room mirrors, though. Somehow, retailers can’t quite get the lighting and mirror situation right and I end up looking like a hot mess; yeah, you can say that I have trust issues with changing room mirrors.

Luckily, I do most of my shopping online these days and there’s nothing more stress-free than trying on clothes in my own room, in front of my trusty ol’ mirror. The only problem is that I end up buying 3x the amount of clothes because I can’t physically see or touch them. Sure, enlarging them on the site is nice but it’s not exactly the same as feeling the fabric in my hands and seeing the color in person to decide if it’s on point with the look I’m going for.

PLVSH The Personal Styling For Plus Size Women, By Plus Size Woman

As nice as trying on clothes at home is, I have to admit that I do miss the occasional sales assistant who actually has an eye for style who has helped me a number of times pick out my desired look. That’s why I was particularly excited to hear about PLVSH, a plus size subscription-based personal styling and shopping service that combines the comfort/privacy of trying on clothes at home with the plus size fashion advice and service you’d get at an upscale plus size boutique!

For those of us who are both curvy and want a more refined/professional look, PLVSH provides a very convenient and luxurious experience.

What exactly is PLVSH?

  • PLVSH is personal styling for plus size women, by plus size woman. The founding team is all plus size so they get it and know that’s really important.
  • They have real and experienced stylists who have dressed everyone from on the go moms, to busy professionals to celebrities on the red carpet. Their stylists are professionals whose goal is to make you look and feel your best.
  • Their core strength is being able to style real women who have busy lives. They focus on providing us with quality clothing that fits well and is “on trend” rather than trendy fast fashion.

All you have to do is complete a style profile that your expert stylist will use to curate a box of 5 pieces of clothing for you. Your items are then is shipped straight to your home for you to try out. Keep what you like and return what you don’t!

PLVSH The Personal Styling For Plus Size Women, By Plus Size Woman

Sounds Good right?

Well, I wanted to learn a little more about them and share their story with you, and I had a chance to interview the PLVSH style team! Please read on to learn more about PLVSH, the inspiration, and how their services can save YOUR life!

What’s the story behind why you created PLVSH?

PLVSH Style Team: We created PLVSH for women like us.  Women who are busy and on the go, and who are in a place in their lives where they want to invest in quality clothing that looks good and more importantly makes them feel great.  It was always frustrating to us that despite having all of these great companies popping up, which catered to helping women look and feel their best, none of them were committed to helping those of us who were over a size 14.  So, we decided to do something about it by launching PLVSH.

PLVSH The Personal Styling For Plus Size Women, By Plus Size Woman Describe who the PLVSH customer is and what she’s looking for when it comes to her shopping experience.

PLVSH Style Team: Our customer profile really runs the gamut, but the clients we see most frequently are professional women, oftentimes moms, who need to look put together.  Some clients come to us knowing exactly what they want, while others come to us to help them figure out what their style is and how they can begin building a wardrobe from the ground up. 

Both groups are of women are busy and don’t have the time or the interest to shop for themselves.  Our clients are looking for quality pieces, which fit and flatter them. They are more interested in well-made items that are on trend vs. trendy fast fashion. 

Walk us through the PLVSH shopping experience and what a customer can expect.

PLVSH Style Team: Clients come to our website at and complete a comprehensive style profile, which helps us to understand their likes, dislikes, lifestyle and aesthetic.  They can then sign up for a one-off box, or sign up for a subscription with automatic deliveries on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis!

You are paired with one of our expert stylists who will curate a box of five pieces of clothing specifically for you and then we ship it off.  You have 5 days to keep what you love and return what you don’t.  

PLVSH The Personal Styling For Plus Size Women, By Plus Size Woman

Tell us a little about who the PLVSH stylists are and how they work with each customer!

PLVSH Style Team: Because dressing plus size women can sometimes be a bit tricky, we’ve spent a lot of time finding the right stylists.  All of our stylists are professionals who come to us with previous styling experience.  Once they’re hired, they are put through a rigorous training with our head stylist, Meaghan O’Connor (of Little Lime Dress), before they take on any clients. 

Right from the beginning, you have access to your personal stylist and can reach out to them with any questions, comments or feedback.  A large percentage of our clients are recurring clients and the vast majority choose to stay with their original stylists.

Can you provide some examples of styled looks that were created for actual customers? 

PLVSH Style Team: Yes, you can see more great examples HERE!

PLVSH: The Personal Styling For Plus Size Women, By Plus Size Woman

PLVSH: The Personal Styling For Plus Size Women, By Plus Size Woman

Having used the service, I’m already a loyal customer and have actually found a great pair of jeans because of PLVSH – which was 200% easier than the journey it took me to find all my previous pairs of jeans!

So if you’re like me and have trust issues with changing room mirrors but are sick of playing the guessing game with online shopping, then check out PLVSH and see what your expert curvy stylist has in store for you!

Sound interesting? Visit to learn more!

Would a plus size stylist make your life easier? Let me know what you think!

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Written by Team TCF

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