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His Style: 10 Big and Tall Male Influencers You Need to Follow

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Fellas, this is for us. Ladies…..? Enjoy yourselves. A year ago, I was featured here as one of the Big and Tall Influencers to watch. This was a major honor, because I never thought anyone was watching me doing my thing. But what about the other big and tall male influencers?

Fast forward to today, I am now a contributor, and share my thoughts on fashion for the big and tall man. Do you see how things work out? Crazy, right?

There are so many fashionable Big Fellas out in the game killing it, I thought now would be a great time to “pay it forward” and shine a spotlight on these men.

Whether they are fellow wardrobe stylist, style bloggers, designers or everyday 9 to 5 guys, they all represent for the Big Fellas with influent style and taste. And as I have always stated, the ladies are watching and expressing their appreciation for a well-dressed man. 

Check out these 10 Big and Tall Fellas and don’t forget to show some love.

10 Big and Tall Influencers to Follow


A post shared by D Ghramm (@dghramm) on

 D Ghramm of @dghramm


A post shared by Rah Mosley (@rahmosleycom) on

Rah Mosley of

 Scott Bayliss of @scottbayliss_


A post shared by Syed Sohail (@theprepguy) on

 Syed Sohail of @theprepguy


A post shared by AKEEN KIMBO (@keenzao) on

 Akeen Kimbo of @keenzao


A post shared by Mike Taylor (@miket_thegent) on

 Mike Taylor of @miket_thegent

Francis Lee Baker of @franceleebaker4

 Claus Fleissner of @extra_inches_plussizzeblog

 Edi of @captain_thickbeard


A post shared by Kavah King (@kavahtheking) on

Kavah King of @kavahtheking

Of course, we can’t do a big and tall style round up without me! LOL


A post shared by Marv Neal (@marvneal) on

 Marv of @Marvneal


I’m loving all the different looks and styles these men bring to the culture of fashion. When we talk about big and tall style, it’s all about how you rock it. It’s about putting your stamp of “personality” on what you’re wearing. No matter the item; from tees and timbs, to jeans and loafers… What will shine through is how you are carrying that swag, and how you’re killing them with it.

Are you following any or all of these fellas (Especially that LAST one?)?  If not, feel free to go check these brothers out!

Let us know your thoughts on these stylish big & tall men in the comments!

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Written by Kavah King

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  1. You left a lot of men off your list and one of those men on your list is a copycat. Tell him to create his own material.

  2. I loved your content and this article is great, i agree that all of these guys are fantastic, if you ever would like to feature @sash_designz i would be honored

  3. Great write up! However I’d like to know more about influencers that are just tall. Ones that don’t quite fall into the big and tall category. For example I am 6’7’’ but slim cut and skinny. Any inflicted out there in that category?

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