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Plus Size Style at Any Age- The #30PlusStyle Movement

Plus Size Style at Any Age- The #30PlusStyle Movement

Plus Size Style at Any Age- The #30PlusStyle Movement

Plus Size Style at Any Age- The #30PlusStyle MovementYou know, being a blogger you are always looking, searching, digging for the newest and latest things online. Well, over on Instagram, it is no different. A week ago or so, I was perusing my #TCFStyle hashtag to see what fab plus size fits were showing up and saw this hashtag that piqued my interest. #30PlusStyle and immediately, I thought to myself… THIS is brilliant!

Yes, there are a few pages and blogs on and about this, but NO hashtag that I have seen calling this out specifically and on top of things, you have 30Plus and Plus…  like both plus size bloggers who are 30 and better. Since I turned 30, I have openly embraced life on the other side of this marker and as I near 33; I am even more settled into my own woman-ness– there is a post coming about this as I am currently experiencing a few things.

SO, immediately I knew that I had to support, be a part of, share, exclaim excitement, and allow those who are 30+ who read the blog, a place where you can draw even more inspiration and see those who work, play, chill, and LIVE as a plus size woman over 30!

Plus Size Style at Any Age- The #30PlusStyle Movement

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Plus size personal style bloggers Jeniese: The Jenesaisquoi, Joi: In My Joi, Nefferth: Mode Plus, Delilah: Pump and Studz, Pepper: Pretty Plus Pep, and Georgette: Grown and Curvy Woman linked up and challenged each other to make it fashionably twerk;  and they already tackled Spring’s Pantone Hues, and Tutu Skirts. Their latest challenge is spring pastels!

How amazing is this #30PlusStyle?

I really need to join this, even if my own personal challenge, because through blogging I have learned so much about my own style, comfort and boundaries and boxes that I have for myself… This self-exploration thing is kind of amazing…

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How fabulous is this? I know that quite a lot of you are on the better side of 30 and are always looking for inspiration. Will you be checking this out?



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  • I will be stepping over that threshold this year and I can’t wait! The fashion looks great on both sides!

  • First, I am so honored to grace your pages. It has been a struggle to define my personal style being over 30. I’m 38 and I wouldn’t trade any of my life lesson or poorly made fashion decisions (except that time in Vegas).

    Second, Thank you for the spotlight. I have admired, loved, swooned and generally stalked your blog since discovering it in 2010 and then I had to go back to 2008 to see everything.

    Third and Lastly, You’re so Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! In my language of course.

    Thank you Again!

  • What a honor and fantastic write-up Marie!!! Thank you!
    For me, 30 was just the beginning of my style journey 🙂 Here’s to 40+, 50+, 60+, and so on!

  • Love the mix-media outfit! The leather jacket and floral skirt are so chic! Every women deserves to be fabulous at every age! Thank you for the inspiration!

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