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Introducing A New Way To Do Wedding Dresses With Anomalie

There's a new bridal brand in town ready to make every bride's dress wish come true! We're excited to introduce Anomalie--a truly pro-bride wedding dress brand.

What if I told you that you could design your very own wedding dress in about 15 minutes? A little shocking, huh? Maybe not in 15 minutes, but just the opportunity to design your own plus size wedding dress sounds cool, right? Well, that’s just what you can do with the new bridal brand, Anomalie.

Anomalie is the new way to collaborate with designers via a 15 minute initial telephone consultation. During this 15 minute consultation, you get the opportunity to get personal with one of the designers on staff about your dream wedding dress.

I know, a custom wedding dress MUST cost your first born, right?


Design Your Own Plus Size Wedding Dress with Anomalie

The founder of Anomalie was frustrated with the industry and wanted to create something that kept the bride’s pockets in mind while meeting her wildest dreams for her big day. The goal of the brand is to deliver each bride a custom wedding dress that has been created just for them.

How Does Anomalie Work?

Anomalie Wedding Dress

There’s a five step process to getting the plus size wedding dress of your dreams:

  1. Introductory Call: This is where the designer gets an idea of what you want for your dress.
  2. Design Consultation: This is where the design truly begins. You can upload inspiration photos and really get specific with your wedding dress desires.
  3. Price Quote & Payment
  4. Pre-Production: This is where you send over measurements, decide on fabrics and see some sketches!
  5. Production: Time to make the dress! This takes approximately 3 months.

This sounds exciting right?!?!

Anomalie is really on to something here. Many of us have sat and watched endless episodes of “Say Yes To the Dress” thinking, “Man, there could be an easier way to do this” and you’re right. We love how easy and seemingly seamless this process is.

Think about it… it is already a challenge to find the ideal plus size outfit, let alone a designer who is fashioning or carrying plus size wedding dresses! But this? Could really be a gamechanger… we think so!

Let’s talk about it ladies:

What do you think about creating your wedding gown from scratch via the internet? Is this the new wave of customizing sight unseen? Can you put all your trust into a design team from afar to turn your thoughts into a wonderful work of bridal art?

Learn about the Anomalie process at

We want to hear from you! Would you ever subscribe to virtual over retail wedding dress shopping from start to finish?

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