Guess What? Chrissy Metz May Have Hinted At Loft Going Plus!

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Chrissy Metz is living her best life. She stars in This Is Us, the #1 drama on television right now and is unapologetically here for providing a voice to curvy girls! She recently appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to promote the second season of This Is Us and told this hilarious story about how she thought she was being Punk’d by Oprah when the tv mogul invited her to lunch.

Along with her invigorating and lovable personality, her outfit was the star of the night. She was wearing a cute polka dot dress and I’m sure everyone was wondering where she got it from!

Well, she didn’t leave much to the imagination because she posted a pre-show selfie and tagged no other than Loft as the designer behind the dress!

OMG, do you know what this could mean?! That’s right, a plus size line! Now, Loft is no stranger to plus size as they launched a capsule collection with Gwynnie Bee. But, a full on collection would completely change the game! Loft has such classic and chic pieces that extended that to curvy girls should be a no-brainer! Adding plus sizes to its growing collection that already features petite and tall sizes, would be an inclusive trifecta!

What do you all think of this (teasing) news? Are you wondering when you can get that polka dot dress Chrissy was wearing? I guess we all have to stay tuned!

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Written by Tonja Renée Stidhum

Tonja Renée Stidhum is a writer/director made of sugar and spice and everything rice. She has the uncanny ability to make a Disney reference and a double entendre in the same sentence.

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  1. If it is the same sizes as the Gwynnie Bee Collection, than once again I’ll miss out. They cut off at a 24/26, and I am a 26/28. I can feel the disappointed already.

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