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“My body is none of your business” Model Natalie Hage Shuts Down Body-Shaming Seatmate!

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Let’s face it. Airplanes aren’t the most fun mode of transportation. It’s basically a sardine can in the sky. The seats are packed as tight as the air pressure and it’s not comfortable, with a bit more relief once you upgrade to priority seating or first class. That struggle is elevated as a curvy girl. Airlines clearly pack as many seats as they can into the aircraft and these seats are made for mannequins, not real people. The social stigmas of purchasing seatbelt extensions or an extra seat is very real in and of itself, so what our plus size babes don’t need is someone reminding them of that fact.

Cue in Natalie Hage, model, admin for the #effyourbeautystandards IG page, body activist, all around sweetheart, was the victor with a body-shaming douchebag whose opinion certainly wasn’t invited. But she did not cower… she stood up and no matter how nervous she sounded, she was going to let this man have it, and she did so, so amazingly…

On an American Airlines flight to her photo shoot, Hage sat next to a man who texted a friend back and forth with insults hurled toward Hage. Unbeknownst to him, Hage took pictures during the entire exchange and once the plane landed, she straight up confronted him about it in the most classy yet firm way possible.

And girl, guess what? She videotaped the entire exchange via her phone! In the video, the man does apologize but not without adding a “snarky” and condescending quip about their place in the exit row asking,“When they ask if you’re willing and capable to assist people in getting off the airplane in an emergency, do you honestly think you are?”

To that, Hage had the perfectly poised response noting that she actually works out 5 times a week (something she didn’t even have to mention, but it made the right point about assumptions), “My body is none of your business” adding “don’t ever treat anyone like that again.” Bingo! And can ya’ll believe that after she got up to leave, he actually asked her out to dinner after that entire exchange?

SIR. Wow… the unmitigated gall.

Later she took to FB, Instagram, and her Tumblr to recount the entire story in detail, also noting how exactly it made her feel.

His ridiculous hyperbole aside, no one is totally comfortable on a plane. It’s just not the ideal set-up for anyone. But, every single paying (directly or indirectly) customer on that flight has a right to a seat, no matter their size. And it is certainly not his authority to tell another paying customer, what they should do to their body to make him feel more comfortable.

Hage let him have it, but also provided him a teachable moment.

Will he actually learn something from it?

I doubt it, but I’m so glad she got to say it.

Shout-out to you, Natalie Hage.
natalie hage

From all the girls who were afraid to speak up or were bullied into silence. You DID that, girl. I am proud of you. We are proud of you.

Have you ever had a similar experience on an airplane or other mode of public transportation? Let’s chat about it in the comments! This is a safe space.

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Written by Tonja Renée Stidhum

Tonja Renée Stidhum is a writer/director made of sugar and spice and everything rice. She has the uncanny ability to make a Disney reference and a double entendre in the same sentence.

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  1. She’s right, her body is none of her business. And his private conversation with a friend was none of her business. Yet she spied on his text messages and shared them with the world. The real victim here would be the unknown third person sharing a row with these two!

  2. Hey Natalie. You are free to live your life being as large as you want to be. But the next time you fly on a plane, please be courteous to the passenger sitting next to you. Instead of spending $70 for more legroom, please purchase a second seat for your other ass cheek. I was on a plane once, & a woman your size was coming down the aisle with 2 boarding passes. She bought 2 seats & raised the armrest between her seats when she sat down. She did not want to be a burden to others, & I compliment her for being courteous. Why not try that next time you fly?

  3. Why are people so rude?
    “Woman your size?” “Live your life being as large as you want to be?”
    Some of us ladies are larger because of health issues and would like to lose weight.
    Some of us are happy with our size.
    What if I said “Why can’t skinny people share a seat? They would save so much money.” Or “Your bony elbow keeps digging into my ribs.” But I never would say those things. BECAUSE IT’S RUDE!

  4. Today I walked by some guy begging on the street, asking for change. I walked past several times, but one time he said to everyone passing, ‘I need some food’, I turned to look at him to acknowledge him as I walked past, and he said, ‘it looks like you’ve had enough anyway’. I mean, like everyone can pass judgement and I was just trying to kindly acknowledge his presence even though I was unable to help at that particular time. Why are people unkind? It’s plain bad manners.

  5. Instead of paying extra for another seat how about the airline start making seats for us plus. size people. We are human and with a heart and soul that most skinny people wish they had. We love and live our life probably better than you who sit and critisize.And we work just as hard….

  6. If he was “trying to hurt her” he would have said it to her face. Instead she invaded someone’s privacy and read their private text messages.
    No, it’s not right to shame anyone, but nor is it right to read something not addressed to you.

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