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Getting Ready for Your Summer Vacay? Here’s How to Travel Comfortably As a Plus Size Person

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Traveling is an amazing way to experience culture beyond books to fully immerse in the way of life, customs and beauty of a city. Right now, I would love to be on an exotic island in a stunning bikini, sipping mimosas and living my best life. Wouldn’t we all, right?

There are so many wonderful places to travel both domestically and abroad, or even down to Atlanta for our TCFStyle Expo, right? Live a little, and splurge on an unforgettable vacation! We want to make sure your trip is unforgettable for the right reasons. Keep reading for tips on how to travel comfortably as a plus size person!

So, you booked your flight. Now, what? 

As with anything, do your RESEARCH first. Are you going to a place that is plus size friendly in terms of attractions, public transportation and clothing and/or footwear accessibility for larger bodies? The last thing anyone want to do is waste vacation time and hard earned money traveling to an area that doesn’t or can’t make (safe) accommodations for their body. This is especially important when traveling with a group of people who’s physicality may differ. Because my friends didn’t view me as fat, they were unaware of the adjustments that entailed in order for me to participate in group activities. I don’t care how much weight I lose, ‘I’m too fat” will forever be my excuse to avoid zip lining over a waterfall! 

The Scoop on Flights and Hotels

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We’ve unfortunately witnessed countless viral posts about rude passengers on flights towards plus size flyers.  To ensure my comfort, I try to line up first. This gives me an advantage to board faster and get settled into my seat. For flights, Southwest is my first choice because their seats are little roomier. More importantly, per the customer of size policy, plus size passengers are able to obtain a second seat for F-R-E-E! Hello, window seat and unlimited aerial aesthetic photos for the ‘gram.

Keep in mind per airline policies, you must be able to fasten your seat belt. If asking for one on board, makes you a little jittery, an extender can be purchased before your flight. Also, consider wearing compression socks to avoid swelling in your feet, ankles and legs.

Pro-tip: limit your salt intake prior to your trip, move about every hour or so and drink more water. 


Plus SIze Towels by Plus Plush Towels
Plus Size Towels by Plus Plush Towels


While hotels and lodging places are embracing the array of customers, plus size folks are still left out in some areas. The Marriott is by far my favorite chain. But, their soft plush “one sizes fits most” towels and robes just aren’t meant for me when I step out of the shower. Or leave the pool for that matter. For added comfort during my travel, my favorite things are packed to bring along. Torrid has a great selection of robes, and my oversize towels were found on Amazon. But make sure you check out Plus Plush Towels, a new brand that just launched!

Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to bring whatever you need to make your trip enjoyable! 

Dress Accordingly 

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Spontaneity is the best part of traveling. However, having a rough itinerary lets you prepare for the day. Sure, those flats from Target are cute, but are they practical for a day of walking and sightseeing? We’re not telling you to wear the Dad tennis shoe, but consider comfortable options. Sketchers carry a cute ballet flat that has memory foam, just like their slip on sneakers!

Purchase lighter or moisture wicking materials in the hotter months. If you’re apart of the “thick thighs save lives” club, toss on Bandelettes or biker shorts under your dress to avoid chafing! You’ll thank us later!

Ronny, visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.


Social media before a trip is your best friend! Connect with groups such as Flying While Fat  or Traveling While Fat to ask all the important questions about the area you’re planning visit.

Super pro-tip: scout the tagged photos for the events/venues you plan to visit. This allows you to gauge if the place on your itinerary can accommodate plus size visitors. 

Now that you know how to have the most unforgettable trip ever, get to planning and to put together your travel checklist!

What location is on your bucket list?

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