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My Must Haves for my Vacation Style

My Must Haves for my Vacation Style

Plus Size Vacation Style Checklist


As I shared on Facebook, I am currently on vacation. LONG overdue. But what I wanted to share with you was my MUST PACK list that I fashioned on my column for Style Blazer! Did you know I fashion a column there called Curvy Closets? Mmhmm… I do! Anywhoooo… I had to share this with you!

Headed out of town this weekend? Have a vacation planned later this summer? As we are in the midst of summer, the weather begs for an escape- for me it does! Imagining days on the beach, the tropical breeze through my hair, the sand on my toes, and the water on my curves- you are thinking the same thing too!

Vacation Checklist

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Do you have a vacay already planned? Thinking about escaping? Well, as you pack your bags, I have to share with you a few items that will most definitely have you looking as relaxed and fabulous as you feel. You see, the plus size designers have been listening. We have already featured caftans, plus size bathing suits, but how would you put it all together? What makes your vacation packing list? What would you add to your packing list?

NO WORRIES! Including a few key swimwear pieces, I have for you a few more items that you have to make room for in your suitcase or overnight bag! Whether you are jetting off to an island in the Bahamas, like me or taking the weekend to your closest beach, we have a few ideas for you. Are you ready for Calgon to take you away?

Read the rest of this post and the checklist at Styleblazer!

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