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ELOQUII IS BACK: Shop The New Eloquii Now

ELOQUII IS BACK: Shop The New Eloquii Now

The New Eloquii

We have been waiting for this. Eloquii is back. Waiting to see what the new ELOQUII would give us since they announced their relaunch. And I do like it.

You see, even while we were told ELOQUII was open, we wanted more. Wanted a site that catered to the young professional, the grown and sexy, the edgy, confident plus size woman. All things that we knew ELOQUII could be… well, the wait is over!

In an email that launched me out of my bed like a rocket, ELOQUII announced its arrival and with light speed, I hopped over to the site to see what they had for us…

ELOQUII IS BACK: Shop The New Eloquii Now

THIS is NOT your old ELOQUII collection.

Eloquii is more. It is different. And from what I can tell, what they always wanted ELOQUII to be.

Giving its counterparts a run for their money, this new ELOQUII, now owned by the original team has a little oomph to it!

“You might notice that the new ELOQUII is a bit different.


We’re focused on keeping things fresh and will be launching 25 new styles every two to three weeks. These styles will be produced in limited quantities however we’re also offering a new, colorful assortment of basics which will be available throughout the year.


This faster design pace allows us to bring you runway inspired, trend driven styles even faster.”

This new ELOQUII is like they took all of our concerns, widened its customer base, upped the fashion ante, and delivered to us a lifestyle brand that we can shop for wear to work options and looks for a night on the town.

Dresses, Pants, skirts, and tops- all with interesting detail, Jodi gave us something here that we can all find something to smile at.

Eloquii is Back and Here are Our Favorite Looks:

The New Eloquii

The New Eloquii

The New Eloquii

See Also

The New Eloquii

The New Eloquii

You can shop the collection NOW, at

There are a few items that I HAVE TO TRY.

I am excited and am already adding a few things to my shopping cart. I am intrigued and excited.

Trust me, more to report back with, with this launch! They also have a blog! Make sure you check it out too!

AND if you hashtag your looks with #XOQ, you will get featured on the site too! Smart Eloquii. SMART.

What do you think? Which favorites do you have? Are you excited? Which items are MUST haves for you?

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    • That was one pieced that although edgy, I could see trying out, although me and peplums don’t always get along. Very hit or miss…some look great, some are very much “no Boo” as soon as I try them on.

    • I think a lot of people have spotted that jacket. A few sizes are already sold out. But better to restart off with a bang than a whimper. I sent the link to a friend who is under 14 but has a lot of experience with design, fabrics, pattern making, colors…basically, anything that needs to look good she really “gets.”
      She thought it looked really good, and zooming in I’m fascinated by some of the details and combinations with the dresses.

  • Definitely a lot edgier than before. Probably nice to be distinctive but also requires more careful selection since many pieces will become quickly dated. I actually didn’t have a problem with the old mix. I got two really, really nice suits that fit really welll and that have been my go-tos for interviews ever since I got them. I’ve never found a better fit b/c I felt as if the way they cut the clothes before did eliminate a lot of assumptions about plus sized bodies (that they lose all shape and cannot pull off a more tailored look that acknowledges that some of us have pretty nice ratios/silhouettes). So I found that their clothes fit me well about 98% of the time and I still wear my Eloquii stuff.

    I’m actually glad I got a lot of their old stuff b/c it has worn well and I felt the quality was pretty good (good materials, good colors, linings that fit, very work friendly).

    The things they have so far are things I’d wear at night, but I’m not much of a night on the town person so I wouldn’t buy as much as before (which is a good thing…their looks before actually catered to my needs/preferences TOO MUCH).

    I also hope pepople realize that this is likely a new company that owns it and they don’t expect the clothes to constantly be on sale.

    As much as a like sales, the margins in retail are too slim to discount your merchandise so much that people EXPECT to always be able to get it at 40-50% off or buy 1 get one free. I noticed a lot of the natural hair product companies make this mistake. Have huge sales where everything is discounted which seems to encourage a lot of people to “Wait” until one time of year to flood them with demand that they literally have to shut down operations for weeks before an after to hope to fulfill (and I don’t fool with those companies).

    For me, the first goal of shopping anywhere is to find things I want in my size and are good quality for the price. So unless someting is very expensive for what it is (like a very trendy outift), I’ll pay full price if I really want it and don’t care. Macys makes it easy since they do price adjustments, so do other stores.

    • Just so you know, you win for the greatest comment today… Thank you.

      Okay so in the space or styling, I am curious to see if they will flush out more suiting options, because that was such a cornerstone for them as well… we shall see what they have to offer!

      • Thanks, and it is exciting to see. I’m so nosey I really want to know who is designing it/owns it. How often has this even happened? I mean in high fashion we see young designers taking over for the legends but has this ever happened to a store for “regular people”. The past 15 years has just seen many retailers, small and large, historic and in their infancy, vanish.
        So I feel as if seeing an actual attempt at resurrection, especially for the 14 and up crowd is kind of a big deal.

    • Agreed! The price adjustments are a nice bonus. I was poring over the site & it said that their new M.O. will be releasing new pieces in limited quantities every 2-3 weeks. And on the FAQ page it said they have semi-annual sales in June & Dec. I think that’s code for, “if you love it, buy now!” I’m just so excited to see all the current (not 2-3 seasons old) trends available in plus without the designer price tag. I’ll pay $100 for a fab, unique dress I can wear over and over. But $300 is just not in my budget.

      • I hadn’t had much time to explore beyond looking at the collection. Good to know and good that they are transparent about it so people aren’t sitting on their hands expecting it to be half price in a week. Like I said, I’d rather pay more for a few interesting pieces than have them out of business 6-12 months from now.

  • But for so long it was so hard to love clothing but be over a size 14,and I’m happy to actually say I have too many cute, high quality clothes that my friends who have way more choices than me actually envy.

  • I’m in love. I hope to see more pops of color as they add new pieces. But these basics are definitely not basic. The tailoring, the structure, the unexpected details- a resounding YES to all of it! The prices are a little higher but I think it’s worth it. Will definitely be reallocating my shopping dollars to invest in some of these pieces.

  • Great way to make a come back! I just hope other designers and stores take notice. Eloquii is back and all is right in the plus size fashion world.

  • so excited reading all your readers comments Marie! i love that you all love the clothing and especially the styling! I tried to channel all my Curvnistas when styling the wonderful clothes! There are so many more yummy options coming soon!! #XOQ #ELOQUIIisback Chicer & Cuter than Ever:)

    • OMG, you’re the designer! It’s so awesome that you popped in. I think it is cool that a few people finally think that women over size 14 have a right to be sexy, edgy, funky, and happy in their own skin.
      And I personally like that while my overall style might not be edgy, I did buy several items b/c no matter what your basic fashion personality, there are times when you kind of want to show out and bust out of your shell. So I look forward to getting my clothes and seeing what else you have in store.
      I can’t speak for everyone but finding designers who think that we are valuable customers who deserve to have nice clothing is much appreciated.
      Too many of us grew up not being able to channel our inner fashionista b/c of lack of clothing options, which just makes you feel like you are surrounded by a party that you aren’t welcome to join in on.
      I can personally say that my shoe obsession stems from the fact that my feet were average sized and relatively narrow, so it was the one item of clothing I could always fit (and since several of my straight sized friends actually have large AND wide feet, is was the one item of clothing that frequently looked better on me).
      Now I get to be the girl whose size 4 friends are always asking “where’d you get that?” It’s like the vision in my head of who I am is finally something I can actually execute…
      Thanks again and to quote Keith Sweat “Keep It Coming…”

      • Hi there! No I’m not the designer I’m the stylist. I styled all the looks on the lookbook for the relaunch.
        But I totally agree with everything you said! Curvy Girls Rock!!

        Denise Marie
        314 566 6128

        • Well, once again, I appreciate the work b/c your lookbook helped me decide what the best options for me to buy were, b/c it was easy to see which new pieces would go with things I already have. So I don’t have to feel like I need to try to buy everything, but can buy the things that really add to my wardrobe.
          It’s really helpful.

  • Thank you for posting this Marie! I am ecstatic that they are returning…& from the looks of it, more of what we all wanted to begin with! The styling, workmanship & quality overall look much nicer than the original & I really hope they are here to stay! I think there is a HUGE market for this contemporary edgy woman in this size range who is willing to spend her money on these types of looks. The big part of them being successful is to be able to reach out to this market & capture them, especially only being an online market. HAPPY DAY! 🙂

  • I was so excited to see Eloquii making a comeback but it’s bitter sweet. Once I discovered them they were my go to for work clothes. I do think the prices are too high for polyester and while the pieces I received weren’t bad quality it’s still polyester and spandex. I’m also not happy about the fact that they are charging sales tax, only because I live in NYC. Unless they open up an actual store here or have a serious clearance sale, my last purchase online will be my last purchase with them.

    • The sales tax has nothing to do with them, but with the new laws and battles with online retailers having to battle 🙂 Since I bought one of their dresses, I can honestly and confidently share that they are totally worth it and I noticed that the fit is grand and is quite comparable to what is being offered in straight sizes as well… 🙂

      • Had it been explained to me that way I might have been more understanding but I was told by a supervisor in their customer service department that because they have a office located in NY, that is the reason why I was and will be charged sales tax. Which made no sense to me logically.
        I did purchase the Long Sleeve Killer Curves Sheath Dress and the Long Sleeve Crop Sweater and I can say out of the bag that they feel nice and they fit well, however I still believe they’re slightly over priced for Nylon, Spandex and polyester. I haven’t had a chance to wear either yet so I don’t know how long they will last. If they hold up well I might be able to justify the prices, I guess only time will tell.

        • ANyanwu, I agree with you. The pieces look very nice but I can’t convince myself to pay such a high price point for polyester blends. That’s my same issue with Asos (which is why I never buy anything retail from them). I’m all about looking good but I think the price point could stand to be lowered a tad. The same goes for Lane Bryant. I can’t see myself paying double price for low price fabric.

          • I’m glad I’m not alone in my battle of the blends. I see that they’re starting to have some sales and discounts on the site now. I only buy from ASOS, Torrid and Lane Bryant with coupons or discount codes. In my opinion Eloquii is a slightly better, kind of like what you get from Lane Bryant’s Lane Collection, though I’m still not trying to spend a fortune on man made fibers that are only going to last through one or two seasons.

  • No. No. No. No. I am not a fan. One thing I liked about the old eloquii is that I could get nice, age appropriate work stuff (I’m 32 and work with non profit execs). I mean, what else do I do?? I work then I come home on put on yoga pants and very occasionally go out to a nice dinner with my friends and/or husband. They went way young and edgy. And not in a good way. Too much like ASOS. They will have to build a new client base.

    • Hello Heidi, they are bringing in suiting so no worries, but for the record, I am 32 as well and the dress I rocked this week, the black and white was was perfectly fit and cut, not too short or too much like ASOS. Contemporary is where they went… but they will have the staples as well… just watch 🙂

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