Don’t Be Shy! Bathing Suits, Crop Tops and Shorts for [Every]body

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The Summer is fast approaching which means it’s about to get hot in here! And much like the next line of Nelly’s hit song suggests, “so take off all your clothes!”…or as much as you can. You read that correctly! Like many other  plus size women, sometimes there is a feeling of self consciousness about parts of my body.  I have flabby arms, thick thighs, stocky legs and a FUPA. 

However, over the years as my weight fluctuated up and down, I learned to love my body. (You can read our previous post about self-love here). With the ever-evolving love, I began to dress for my comfort and not those around me. In other words, it’s too hot to be covered up!

In my opinion, there’s no such thing as dressing for your body type. As we move into the warmer days of Spring and this heat filled Summer, we’re here to remind you that clothes are for everyone.

And no matter your size or shape; bathing suits, crop tops, and shorts are for everybody. 

Bikinis, Crop Tops and Shorts for [Every]body

The Plus Size Bikini Break-Through

Every body is a beach body
Jewelz of Jewelz Journey during The Fat Girls Life “Everybody is A Beach Body 2017” Campaign

Despite the common misconceptions and fad diet trends that spark up right before Summer begins, every body is a beach body.  After all, a bikini is a swim suit and what else is there to wear to a beach?

I remember wearing my first bikini in the summer of 2014 thanks to blogger Amanda Allison and Forever 21. At the time, while initially nerve wracking, it felt empowering, bold and rebellious.

Now, I’m not out here wearing string pieces yet but the high waist bottom and bandeau tops are my favorite look. Gabi Fresh nails it every year with her collection with Swimsuits for All

We should all be out there rocking our bodies this Summer and here are a few plus size bathing suits to do it in!

swimsuits for every body

Plus Size One-Shoulder Swimsuit in 0X to 3X at


Swimsuits for every body Torrid

Lavender Purple Floral Cut & Sew Bikini available in sizes through 6X/30 at And a matching Kimono!

swimsuits for every body rebdolls

Speechless Triangle Swim Top and Tie Bottom in sizes to 5X at


Suns Out, Shorts Out

It’s hard to believe that I used to wear jeans and 3/4 sleeve shirts in the middle of July, for the sake of making it easier for other people to be comfortable with my plus size body. Those days are long gone!

Your legs deserve to feel the sunshine, too! Perhaps you aren’t going to wear booty shorts, but the sentiment is the same. Suns out, shorts out! Shorts are a fashion staple that can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion.

What about the cellulite? I’m glad you asked!  Try pairing your shorts with a tunic, kimono or light duster if baring your legs fully makes you uneasy.

My only “discomfort” when wearing shorts, is the inevitable chub rub from the blessing of thick thighs. Thankfully, Zone Naturals is to the rescue with their new organic anti-chafing stick!

Whether denim, lace, linen or the short overall, grab a pair, maybe one of these, and bask in your glory! 

shorts for every body
Photo courtesy of Eloquii

Denim Bermuda Short in sizes 14 to 28 at

shorts for every body Forever 21
Photo courtesy of Forever 21

Chambray Dolphin Shorts in 0X to 3X at

shorts for every body Modcloth
Photo courtesy of Modcloth

Read it and Steep Romper in sizes through 4X available at

Free The FUPA

If you’ve mastered the confidence to wear a swimsuit and shorts, crop tops should be a breeze! You’ve already shown off your amazing body at the beach, why not do it around town too?

Crop tops come in varying lengths, so you can show as little or as much of your midsection as you would like.  Much like the shorts, you can add a kimono.

Or as with bathing suits, pair your crop top with a high waist bottom. My go-to look for crop tops, involves wearing leggings and a long-line bralette.

No, it’s not a crop top per say, but it gives the same stunning vibe. 

Which level of crop will you choose?

crop tops for every body
Photo courtesy of Simply Be

Cropped Neon Lime Sweatshirt in sizes 8 through 28 available at


crop tops for every body Rebdolls
Photo courtesy of Rebdolls

Rebdolls “Our Love” Wrap Crop Top available in sizes through 5X/30-32 at


crop tops for every body Forever 21
Photo courtesy of Forever 21

Floral Embroidered Crop Top available in sizes 0X to 3X at

Embrace It All!

There’s so much life to live that extends beyond our body shapes and sizes. Whether you are beginning your journey with self-love or in the thick of it, disregard the opinions of others and do what makes you feel beautiful, confident and happy.

We can’t wait to see you shattering stereotypes, societal norms and embracing all of your curves! 

How do you style your bikinis, shorts and crop tops? 

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