A Plus Size Spring: Elena Miro Spring 2012

Plus Size Designer- Elena Miro Spring 2012

In the Hierarchy of plus size fashion, one of the designers whom I think is at the top by setting fashion examples and inspirations with a few others is the Italian Powerhouse: Elena Mirò.

I have written and featured them many times over and I cannot stress how amazing the brand is! For years (since 2005), there were the only plus size designer to open Milano Moda Donna Fashion Week, but after reasons unknown, they no longer show there BUT they still show- to a full house!

Who is Elena Miro?

Elena Mirò is one of the historic labels of Miroglio Fashion, the clothing division of the Miroglio Group which was set up in 1985 to cater for the need to give a positive response in terms of style and taste to all the women with Mediterranean-style fuller figures. Over time Elena Mirò has acquired in-depth knowledge and expertise in the skills required to follow fashion, style and trends, adapting them to shapely sizes.

Today, the Elena Mirò brand exudes plus size luxury, high fashion, and sophistication. Don’t believe me? Take a look at my favorites from the Runway Spring 2012 Elena Mirò Collection:

Elena Mirò Runway Spring 2012

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Want to see the full collection? Here is the video of the entire collection- all 36 looks!

You can keep up with the Italian powerhouse, Elena Miro on the website, via Twitter and on Facebook!

Q.Which look or looks are you loving? Where do you imagine yourself sashaying to in one of her frocks?

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  1. says

    More clothes for people OVER 40…we already know where to find these kind of clothes…Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Avenue. Im looking for cute, sexy , trendy, and youthful clothing…please help!

    • says

      Elena Miro is a signature higher end plus size designer, so yes, the aesthetic may be not what YOU are looking for… but there is something to be said for options… and this we have more than before! 

      • Pdfigaro says

        Thank you for introducing me to this brand I’m 27 and love it, I tend to shop more high end looks then trend and cute. I love staple and sophisticated pieces and wouldn’t be caught dead in Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Avenue. Pia ASOS has really cute, sexy , trendy, and youthful clothing that doesn’t look cheap. Nobody C. Has really sexy dresses and you may like Damn You Alexis. Marie Where can I purchase Elena Miro I’m in love with this collection I want it all. What are the sizes and price points?

        • Nichole J says

          I agree. I buy a very limited amount from Lane Bryant nowadays because there are more options. Yes they cost more, but they are better made and some I have custom made to my shape and height which is worth the cost. I don’t want to see myself coming and going and I look at these as investments. Basic staples and business attire I buy at LB and Jessica London. Eloquii (The Limited’s plus size brand) has some really cute business attire for reasonable prices. My trendy, sexy, make-heads-turn and stare when I enter a room come from Dominque Auxilly (custom), Damn You Alexis, Shavonne Dorsey Designs (custom), and Queen Grace.

    • Leigh says

      It seems more the opposite, to me.  Plus sized clothes for younger women are easy to find.   Lane Bryant, etc. all trend to a 20 something demographic. Those of us a bit older, looking to find elegant clothes for something other than printed t shirts, or clothing for going to clubs–we’re the ones with a problem.

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