Sally Hansen- Because I Refuse to Wax

I am terrified of waxing. BEYOND.

I did try it, a few times with The Worst results. The first time I had my upper lip waxed? The heifer (after I told her this was my first one) burnt my lip, I had bumps from either being allergic or being burned… either way, she made tears come to my eyes and I was pissed. The second time, I tried my legs at a different place YEARS later.

Ugh. Stubble. Bumps. Irritation. NEVER Again. So… once upon a time while in undergrad, I found this hidden gem from Sally Hansen- their cream hair remover. This saved my life many times over! No irritation, my coarse hair was gone, and they had a face and a body version for the legs and bikini area! Heaven!!!

And Then…


It disappeared.Sally Hansen hair Remover For Face

I was sooooo sad. Let me say it once more.

I was soooooooooooo sad.

You know that feeling when your favorite color is gone without any notice or when Prescriptives closed its doors? Yes, that sad. Depressed a little bit on the inside. They discontinued their cream hair remover for the body and I was scared. Frustrated. The world ended in my eyes. Shaving only was a means to an end, but dammit GINA!

So, can you imagine the moment of pure elation overcame me, when I was at Walgreens a few months back?




I squealed.

Pure Scent Sation Hair Remover Creme

Revamped formula. Better Scent. And fully stocked. I think that the Walgreens lady thought something was wrong with me as I shrieked a little bit. Actually I shrieked A whole lot. I grabbed three of these Pure Scent Sation Cream hair Removers from Sally Hansen and skipped throughout Walgreens like I was holding the damned winning Mega Lotto ticket and didn’t care. I have tried the alternatives- they never worked with their weird scents and leftover stubble- nawwww not the business…

What Is this divine awsomesauce? Pure Scent-Sation Cream Hair Remover is this:

Quickly dissolves away unwanted body hair just below the skin’s surface, leaving skin smooth and beautifully bare, without unsightly shadow or stubble, for up to 6 days of smoothness. Creamy rich formula leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Perfect for legs, bikini, underarms and more.

So, I share this with you to tell you how much I love my Sally Hansen Cream Face and Body Hair remover and I have to ask and know, do you use cream hair removers? Do you wax? So what that it is winter, I still have events that call for legs and underarms bare… (Blog Anniversary Party Anyone?)

Q. What do YOU use? Wax? Cream Hair Remover? Shaving? I want to know!

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