Sally Hansen- Because I Refuse to Wax

I am terrified of waxing. BEYOND.

I did try it, a few times with The Worst results. The first time I had my upper lip waxed? The heifer (after I told her this was my first one) burnt my lip, I had bumps from either being allergic or being burned… either way, she made tears come to my eyes and I was pissed. The second time, I tried my legs at a different place YEARS later.

Ugh. Stubble. Bumps. Irritation. NEVER Again. So… once upon a time while in undergrad, I found this hidden gem from Sally Hansen- their cream hair remover. This saved my life many times over! No irritation, my coarse hair was gone, and they had a face and a body version for the legs and bikini area! Heaven!!!

And Then…


It disappeared.Sally Hansen hair Remover For Face

I was sooooo sad. Let me say it once more.

I was soooooooooooo sad.

You know that feeling when your favorite color is gone without any notice or when Prescriptives closed its doors? Yes, that sad. Depressed a little bit on the inside. They discontinued their cream hair remover for the body and I was scared. Frustrated. The world ended in my eyes. Shaving only was a means to an end, but dammit GINA!

So, can you imagine the moment of pure elation overcame me, when I was at Walgreens a few months back?




I squealed.

Pure Scent Sation Hair Remover Creme

Revamped formula. Better Scent. And fully stocked. I think that the Walgreens lady thought something was wrong with me as I shrieked a little bit. Actually I shrieked A whole lot. I grabbed three of these Pure Scent Sation Cream hair Removers from Sally Hansen and skipped throughout Walgreens like I was holding the damned winning Mega Lotto ticket and didn’t care. I have tried the alternatives- they never worked with their weird scents and leftover stubble- nawwww not the business…

What Is this divine awsomesauce? Pure Scent-Sation Cream Hair Remover is this:

Quickly dissolves away unwanted body hair just below the skin’s surface, leaving skin smooth and beautifully bare, without unsightly shadow or stubble, for up to 6 days of smoothness. Creamy rich formula leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized. Perfect for legs, bikini, underarms and more.

So, I share this with you to tell you how much I love my Sally Hansen Cream Face and Body Hair remover and I have to ask and know, do you use cream hair removers? Do you wax? So what that it is winter, I still have events that call for legs and underarms bare… (Blog Anniversary Party Anyone?)

Q. What do YOU use? Wax? Cream Hair Remover? Shaving? I want to know!

Keep it Curvy.Confident.Chic.

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  • ichoosethesun

    I haven’t had any luck with creams, not intrigued by wax and have never had a problem with shaving so…shaving it is, however you have me contemplating giving this a try.

    • Marie Denee

      Do it Do It!!! Then tell me how much you love!!! 

  • Lena’s Blend

    I can relate to your lip waxing episode…I had mine waxed once and it was a freaking joke LOL. I left out of the place with a red bumpy rash in the shape of a mustache. It’s great for under the arms though. I haven’t tried the hair remover before (scared after the waxing episode) but I do use the hansen’s cream bleach for my upper lip area. 

    • Marie Denee

      Girlll it is heaven!!! I promise you! Make sure you get this one in the picture as it has done wonders for my life! LOL 

  • Maya Reid

    I use Nair’s facial hair remover for my lip and haven’t had any problems with that, but I shave my bikini area and I HATE it. I always get razor bumps and ingrown hairs afterwards. I’ve been meaning to try other forms of hair removal, because I’m terrified of waxing (very low pain tolerance). I might try this, because you love it so much, but the reviews on Amazon are terrible! *worries*

    • Marie Denee

      You need to use the bottle here not the one or the one for the shower- they are completely difference! Use this bottle!!! 

  • Hope Varnedoe

    OMG I must try this I am TERRIFIED of waxing to.  I just tried to get my brows waxed and they ripped off .. literally ripped off my skin.  nice right??? :(

    I am getting more dark hairs around my lips and chin since my hysterectomy and I am for sure going to try this stuff.  Thank you girl.  You are a lifesaver.

    • Marie Denee

      Let me know how it works for you!!! :) I love it sooo much! 

  • Jessiree

    After reading this post I went out and purchased this product. I give it 5 stars ladies. I think my waxing days are over. Thanks for putting me on to this. 

    • Marie Denee

      LOL Your waxing days are over??? I love it!!! Which did you try?? 

      • Jessiree

        Girl, I’m strong but that waxing was making me wince,lol. I tried the one for the face. The down side is that I find that I will have to apply it once every 10 days, so the results aren’t as long as waxing but that’s okay. I can handle that.

  • Lorna Anne Campbell

    I love this stuff but it’s very hard to track down in the UK. I normally go for the Immac version because it’s available at every chemist over here. I too hate waxing because I’ve never had a good experience although a good friend of mine is demanding that when I hit thirty later this year I need to grow up and go for a proper bikini wax and is threatening to take me!! I get along fine with threading, good quality razors and Immac so I’m not convinced. Next time I’m in the US I’ll stock up on on the SH version.

  • Jacquie

    Definitely have to try this!! I’m always on the lookout for a miracle product.  Hate waxing & shaving is really difficult – I have degenerative disc disease & osteoarthritis in my spine so twisting around to try to shave in the shower is a very literal PAIN! Hmmm, wonder if they have it in Canada? If not, I’ll add it to my cross-border shopping list!

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  • Hair Removal

    I also use hair removal cream and it’s great. It removes my
    unwanted hair and no irritations or side effect. This Sally Hansen hair removal
    cream looks promising, because of your reviews I will try this and hoping that
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