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10 Plus Size Activewear Essentials To Help You Crush Your At-Home Workout

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How do you stay motivated to get your body moving? For me, it’s definitely having a cute selection of plus size activewear essentials!

When the pandemic hit, I was at a loss about what to do with my gym membership. I was so used to my routine!

How do I remain active and safe?

Plus Size Activewear Essentials

I decided to cancel my gym membership, get some cute new workout clothes for extra motivation, and ordered a cycling bike! Which has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

I get the ultimate workout and I’m pushed in ways I never thought I could be.

When I’m looking for activewear, there are a few aspects that I like to keep in mind. These are comfortability, function, fun prints, support, and of course, stylish!

I love sharing great finds, so I thought that I would share some of my favorite pieces that help me look cute while working out!

Plus Size Activewear Day Won
Born Wild ¾-Length Legging by Day/Won

What’s in your workout wardrobe? It’s important to have a mix of different tops, sports bras, shorts, and leggings to match the activity you will be doing. And of course, having a comfortable and supportive sneaker, too!

Even if you don’t have a cycling bike at home like me, you can still be cute while taking a nice walk around the block or practicing yoga at home.

Here Are Some Of My Plus Size Activewear Essentials

Are you like me and love a good legging and sports bra combo? What are your favorite activewear clothes?

I would love to know how everyone is staying active while being at home. I can’t wait to hear from ya’ll in the comments!

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Written by Kawana Dupree

I have always had a love for fashion. It has brought me peace and happiness throughout my life. Who else knows how to dress plus size bodies but a plus-size woman herself! While styling women and cultivating who I want to be in the fashion industry, I've learned that my passion to change the way plus size women think about clothes, to help them break all the rules and love their bodies along the way. Shop

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  1. Rainbeau Curvesis a plus bra of activewear I love because it’s mostly cotton with added stretch. I have sensitive skin and one of the most important things for me on activewear is how it feels against my skin. I prefer cotton. It usually feels better to me than mos synthetic fabrics. There’s also a sports bra company called She Fit. Their bras are very adjustable. They have a high impact bra and a medium impact bra. QVC Denim and Co. has a French Terry activewear collection. The have petite plus too. I don’t know Addidas has plus sizes. I wouldn’t go outside my apartment with just bra and leggings no matter what size I am. It wouldn’t matter if I were a size 6 or 20. I would feel vulnerable and exposed.

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