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Plus Women And Men Inspiring Us To Reach Our Fitness Goals

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Being a person of size, there are many stereotypes that are forced on us. Too many negative stereotypes to mention, to be honest. For years women have been on the front lines fighting against the stereotypes for people of size. But one stereotype that doesn’t seem to fade is that people of size don’t work out. There is such a thing as plus size fitness goals.

I don’t have a six-pack, ripped muscles and I don’t plan on having them. My goal is to be the healthiest that I can be at my size. I feel that should be the goal for all of us. The reality of it is that being healthy doesn’t have a particular size. Because a person is of size doesn’t mean that they are unhealthy. I am 6’1 324 pounds and I am clearly not an “average” sized man.

Some people are actually in disbelief that because I am of a certain weight that I can perform some exercises. And no, because a person is small doesn’t mean that are healthy.  We all have different body goals and aspirations, but make sure that you begin by taking small sure steps to reach your fitness goals.

I am not the only individual of size that is working towards some health goals. Men and women that we know are doing some amazing things. In this post, we will highlight some men and women of size who are incredible athletes.  I hope that by seeing  these awesome athletes they will inspire us to keep us moving forward towards our plus size fitness goals or inspire some of us to make some goals.

Kavah lifting weights
Kavah King of The

Plus Women And Men Inspiring Us To Reach Our Fitness Goals

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I maybe big, slow, and fat but I’m a runner as well.

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Every time I step onto the pavement, I'm just as nervous as the first race I ever participated in. I might be a tad bit more nervous these days simply because there's more eyes watching. Most people are cheering for my success and a few sprinkles who might be wishing otherwise. Regardless of who or what may be watching, I remind myself to be mindful of my breath, feet and motion. This is not my first time taking on an unofficial marathon tour. Last year, I managed to knock out 200 of my 247 race day miles in a two month period — one of which required me to finish my first 100K six days before the NYC Marathon. In turn, I know that the impossible is certainly possible. Even if I DNF a race in the process, I'm looking forward to the journey, not so much the destination. It is a gift to have my mobility after close to a decade of living in fear of when it'll leave. Until then, I have four marathons and a 4 miler in between to knock out in a 30 day window: 4/28/2019: @bsimevents 5/5/2019: Providence Marathon 5/12/2019: @NYRR Japan Run 4 Miler 5/19/2019: @clevemarathon 5/26/2019: @runvermont 108.8 miles in 30 days baby. Maybe I watched Forrest Gump too much as a kid but I just feel like running. Photo Courtesy: @esnelldesign #runningfatchef #fatrunner #diversitymatters #representationmatters #swiftwick #chaseadventure #hokaoneone #timetofly #skratchlabsambassador #womenwhofly #ultrarunner #marathoner #ultimatedirection #selfpropelled #superfithero #plussizeathlete #effyourbeautystandards #liveadventurously #loveyourskin

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I hope that seeing men and women of different shapes and sizes happened to inspire you. If we didn’t mention an athlete or if you know of an athlete that you would like to share, feel free to email [email protected] Or you can leave a comment and let us know your thoughts below.

Remember, don’t let your size hold you back from reaching your goals. Don’t fall prey to the stereotypes that have been forced on you.

Don’t wait until 2020 to come, slay your goals now.

Who did we miss? Are you on a journey that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Kavah King

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