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Your Plus Size is JUST a Number

Your Plus Size is JUST a Number

So now that we got last week’s confidence woes and plus size shaming out of the way, I wanted to talk about the underlying issues raised in those posts- which rather than empower and educate, only mocked and criticized the plus size woman.

When it comes to fashion, oftentimes women (both straight AND plus size) cringe at the size of their pant, dress, or bra size.

But since we are plus size here, we shall focus on OUR woes…

It is mindful for me to share with you that YOUR size does NOT define who you are; HOWEVER how you WEAR and rock your fits, DEFINES your personal style.


“Most of all fashion is about being comfortable with yourself; translating self-esteem into a personal style.” -International Fashion Editor Cynthia Durcanin

While there are some women who refuse to admit that they indeed are plus size, there are some who are mortified when they reluctantly have to venture into this area of the store with a defeatist mentality.

Oftentimes, I am confused by this and beg to ask WHY?

Why feel ashamed, embarrassed, frustrated, or scared to venture into the plus size section?



  • Plus size departments are treated like the red-headed stepchild (no offense to my beautiful red-headed darlings)
  • For the longest time, the plus size departments were frumpy, dumpy, and dated- like venturing into the abyss of the forgotten woman…
  • Stumbling into this area either meant dragging along friends who may not be plus size OR being left to shop alone- leaving your girls behind…


Times HAVE changed! While it may not be 100% (I am an idealist but I am a devout realist as well!), when it comes to plus size and fashion, these two words now fashionably coexist!

The key to FEELING amazing in your look is being COMFORTABLE!

Having your top cut you in the arms, dig into your waist, or ride up when walking are uncomfortable!

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Constantly tugging and pulling at your clothes creates a level of self consciousness, which diminishes YOUR confidence!  

By rocking fits that FEEL GOOD and FIT you WELL are KEY to your CONFIDENCE!

So how do you remedy this?

There are a few ways to overcome specific issues with your size, to help you along your way to feeling Curvy.Confident.Chic.

  • When trying on clothes, grab one size UP and one size DOWN from the size you initially grabbed. This way while you are in the dressing room, you try on the one that fits you the BEST and is the MOST comfortable.
  • Know that all designers are NOT created or SIZED equal. What is a 16 in one designer may be a 20 in another. WHO cares? If it fits and looks amazing, then buy it! This issue is NOT specific to only plus sizes!
  • If the size bothers you to no end, CUT THE SIZE LABEL OUT!
  • If you straddle the world of straight and plus sizes (10-16), know that you have a variety of options and stepping across a department or aisle will NOT KILL YOU. It’s okay darling, and those issues about fit you have had may solve itself by crossing the aisle
  • Think outside the SIZING box. With the multitude of designers and retailers catering to the contemporary plus size woman, there is an amalgamation of options to play in (and sometimes in the comfort of your own bedroom thanks to social media and the internet!) Your choices and options are endless!
  • For the Brave and ultimately frustrated, do a closet overhaul! Grab a friend, loved one, or personal stylist to go through your closet with you! Try on EVERY item and discard those that no longer fit, are outdated, or that you have not worn since Christmas of 2002.
  • Turn to plus size fashion blogs for inspiration! Not sure of a trend, look, or ideal of how plus size women can be beautiful? Plus size fashion and personal style blogs provide vast amounts of inspiration!


So, I hope that this helps you on your journey to loving, owning, and celebrating your plus sized curves!


It IS okay to have CONFIDENCE and be a plus size woman! Go figure! lol

What do you think? When you shop, are you one who cringes at the sizes your curves beckon for? Do you experiment with your options? Share with me your personal tips you have when shopping and tell me if your size is an issue for you!

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  • I love this post. I remember having to go to an Addition-Elle (a Cdn plus store) to shop for an event with my (non-plus) friends when we were at the mall, and I was SO mortified. I ended up leaving quickly and empty-handed. I shopped at some other stores with them that were more inclusive and it was a much more comfortable experience for me (and them). I so much prefer stores that aren’t segregated from the straight size options. Integration please!

    • Why were you MORTIFIED darlin??? Did your friends NOT support you? What do you do when you want to shop at places that are NOT inclusive? How do you try to fashion your curves?

  • This is so true! I will shop whatever store, department, or size to get the look I’m going for. The only number that really matters to me is the price lol

  • I absolutely LOVE this post… I have been straddling  sze 10-16 for about 5 years now. The first year or two I REFUSED to “Cross the Aisle” …….the truths is I became much more comfortable with my new body when I FINALLY did….and by the way it totally wasnt that scary at all….Garments fit better….the looked better, they didnt ride up on me, I wasnt uncomfortable all day…….After a few months, being the fashion diva I am I OWNED it.. I am a plus size diva and honey… I works it out… FABULOUSLY

    I REALLY appreciated this post and the last few….Great topic!

  • I am just now starting to experiment with fashion.  There are lots of plus size stores that are not the “old” mentality behind “plus – size”  and it inspires me by checking out the fashion blogs to get out of my own old mindset

    • yeahhh!!!! Breaking down your own personal fashion barriers makes fashion more fun and interesting! You do not need to be limited to the box that we are often so regulated to be in and once you start to explore, you realize that the options are endless!!!!! Get it!

  • I have no problem looking in plus size departments, but it must be the stores I’m shopping in because I still find that most of the things available in these departments are not nearly as cute as the stuff available in the regular department.  I used to be on the fence between the two worlds, but am now full-fledged plus and I have to say…. Shopping is a nightmare.  If I go with friends, I’m left to shop alone because I’m the only plus size girl.  If I don’t go off on my own, I’m feilding questions from my friends like “jess, why aren’t you trying anything on?”… As if they don’t know.  The only stores I have found that sell fashionable plus size attire are twice the price of the regular stores, and I’m devastatingly dirt poor.  I get angry that I can’t run to the “two for $5” rack at Suzie Shier with my friends, but have to wander to the store where the only thing I can get for $5 is… well, maybe a spare button for that $150 pair of jeans.
    I’m not ready to give up, though.  I have found that if I buy a cheap and badly fitting dress with a cute pattern, I can alter it myself to fit my curves.  Being an artist, my work has always been on canvas, but I do believe I am slowly discovering a new creative outlet for myself. Hope runs eternal!!!! 😀

    • I love your positivity amidst the odds stacked! There are soooo many options love!!!! Have you shopped online and/or have you asked your girls to roll with YOU? 
      You bring up such a key point… TAILORING!!!!! Thank you for mentioning it!!!! 

    • I agree… everywhere ive shopped IN stores the clothes are cute but not as cute as the other departments. My friend are the SAME way. We went walking the other day after getting ice cream and I didn’t have clothes. She had clothes In her care and everyone just put them on. She haded me a shirt and I was like….really? So had to wear my clothes. Just imagne how crazy I looked with some jeans, a lace tee and jewelry… But just tell them hey roll with me.

  • I just wrote a blog post about size acceptance today- AboutCurves sells the least volume of 1X plus size lingerie, which (I think) means size 18/20 women are least comfortable with their bodies.
    These are great tips for getting OVER the number and “plus size” stigma and making yourself look (and feel) fabulous, so thanks for sharing, Marie!

  • I’m 18 years old and I’m not that confident with my body. I have a wonderful guy who loves me more than I do. But reading these articles have given me a better outlook on life.

  • Im 18 and I’ve ALWAYS been a “Big Girl”. ALWAYS. I had never been real confident in my physical appearance and never wanted to admit im a little heavier than what the world says I should be. I used to dress dumpy and frumpy and when my family and I went shopping id pick the clothes that made me feel hidden. Big pants, big ugly shirts and I was really depressed and worried about what people would say. I was really depressed and had to go to a psychiatrist… to make matters worse id look around and see girls with cute boyfriends and me…I never had one of those… long story short now im confident and happy about myself. I” constantly look for fashion tips and throw in my own. I LOVEMEEEEE! LOL but…still no bf…lol love yourself, be yourself, life is honestly too short…

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