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20 of Summer’s Hottest Plus Size White Dresses You’ll want to Rock Now!

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With the temperatures rising and the day party invitations going out, what is a girl to wear? Summer is known for the call for the various all-white parties, brunches, and plus size fashion events! (Are you headed to the TCFStyle Expo?)

So, to help you out for this summer, we have rounded up more than a few plus size white dresses.

No matter your personal style, budget, or preference, we have found over 18 places where you can shop the flyest all white dresses to match your fly!

We have also made sure to share the size ranges, so that you can shop in confidence at your favorite plus size designers and brands.

So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling to meet your new white dress for the summer!

The Plus Size White Dresses You’ll Be Rocking This Summer

The Plus Size White Dresses You’ll Be Rocking This Summer

Summer is around the corner and we are sharing a few of the best plus size white dresses that will help you keep your cool and in high style!

Do you see what we were talking about? There were some good ones, right? For the family barbecue, brunch dates, or for a night on the town, there were more than a few plus size white dresses to do the trick, right?


Are you one who is afraid of wearing all white? How do you navigate this color? Well, of course, because we love you, we have a few tips to rocking all-white:

How to Rock All-White in Confidence

  • Fit is key. This is the number one rule. If your item does not fit well, you will find yourself pulling and tugging at your dress all day. Make sure that you pay attention to the fit, NOT the size you are wearing… it is all about FEELING & looking good, right?
  • Comfort. If you would not normally rock a pair of white jeans with a crop top and you want to be bold, go for it. BUT! If you KNOW that you will feel self-conscious or insecure about such a fitted item, try another type of garment. If you want to don a white dress, do a fit and flare, rather than a bodycon, if you are not a fan of your belly. Rock a thicker spaghetti strap or sleeved dress, if you are not a fan of your arms or prefer to rock a traditional bra… At the end of the day, you should FEEL amazing and not like you have a sign over your head, yelling I look uncomfortable.
  • Mind over matter. If you keep telling yourself you are wearing white, you may find yourself doing a little bit more, to move with care… only to cause things to happen to mess your look up. You may touch your dress more often, accidently sit somewhere or bump into things, trying to avoid other places… it happens, and it is real!

These are just a few handy tips that we use over here, to navigate the day with our head held high and our curves on deck.

What do you think of our choices? Our finds? Did you find a new favorite that you have to have?

What other tips do you use, to navigate rocking white? Let us know in the comments below! Otherwise, happy shopping!

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Written by Team TCF

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