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Meet TPlus: Tammy Rivera’s Bold New Plus Size Swimwear Line

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Girl!! You know that moment when you see that Instagram post with the sexy outfit and fierce pose and you think to yourself, “Oh yes, I gotta have that! I would kill that! That dress would hug every bit of my curves just right!”

Then you see the size line-up and… womp. It’s not in your size. Well, Tammy Rivera (Love & Hip-Hop) is aiding in obliterating that feelings! She has decided to expand her T-Rivera swimsuit line so everyone can join in on the summer swimwear stunt! Ladies, meet TPLUS, the new addiction to the T-Rivera plus size swimsuit line ranging from sizes 12 – 28!

Yes, girl! Curvy girls are going to get their sexy Instagram pose on, too! Not only is it inclusive, it’s bold! There are no boring looks or consolation prizes here! The pieces are full of bright colors, edgy features, and sexy appliqués.

 Tammy Rivera’s New Plus Size Swimwear Line: TPlus

Meet TPlus: Tammy Rivera's Bold New Plus Size Swimwear Line

Rivera said herself that when she conjured up the idea to expand her line, she wanted it to look “exactly like the standard line.” She noticed too much of the drab plus size swimwear lines adding humble skorts to cover-up or only featuring black/white options. To her, it wasn’t “sexy enough.” She wanted a plus size line that was just as sexy as the standard line, so she decided to create a line by not changing the piece itself, but adjusting the cut of the piece so that it was comfortable and flattering. Still the same piece, just a different fit. Bingo.

Meet TPlus: Tammy Rivera's Bold New Plus Size Swimwear Line

Another way Rivera wins is by using what she describes as “real plus-size bodies.” It’s true, because even within the very plus size community, there’s a valid argument that there are internal issues surrounding inclusiveness.  Even when lines are expanded and a spokesmodel is chosen, there’s still a restriction regarding a certain plus-size “shape” that is much too exclusive. Rivera isn’t doing any of that!

Meet TPlus: Tammy Rivera's Bold New Plus Size Swimwear Line

She’s throwing away “the standard” and showing full-figured girls rockin’ edgy and sexy swimwear… the very same swimwear that she rocks herself. Shouts to Tammy for this expansion! We look forward to seeing how the line evolves and how it incorporates more pieces!

Shop the TPLUS collection at!

So what do y’all think about these pieces? I’m feeling that red joint with the zippered deep v-cut! Where my beach babes and poolside pretty-girls at?


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Written by Tonja Renée Stidhum

Tonja Renée Stidhum is a writer/director made of sugar and spice and everything rice. She has the uncanny ability to make a Disney reference and a double entendre in the same sentence.

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  1. Oooh I love these! Though to say she didn’t change them doesn’t make sense. The straight size are all super high cut, and the plus size aren’t. Personally I don’t want to wear high cute because my belly pooch would hang out, but that’s not true of all plus size ladies.

  2. Its hella cute but why do people think big girls be balling with money?? like come on now. but i do like that even the smaller sizes are still the same price as the plus that IS respectable but come on thats alot of money for a bathing suit. I still got love for tammy tho

  3. But are these made well, is the material thick and sturdy? Does it suck you in a bit? I don’t mind paying more for quality and good fit, but if she expects plus size women to pay $99-130 for her swimwear, it better be worth the price tag, or at least a good sale price!

  4. Damn I was all set to say I wouldn’t buy anything from her because I loathe and detest anything Love & Hip Hop but those swim suits ARE kinda nice and if I support and buy some maybe she can quit the show and the whole ratchet, hot mess can go away in the archives FOREVER!! 😆😆

  5. I love her for making us bathing suits the same way she made hers no different they’re supposed to cover our bottom we are heavy set women with stomachs so she did a great job I love her for this cuz I watch the show and I be like I want one of those and and to know I can go get one now thanks to me looking at this online today is great and some celebrities make stuff for just them and skinny people and don’t think about the big people that might like they fashion and she thought about us so cheers to her Go Tammy I knew I like you girl

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