Welcome to 2018, The Year of You!

What goals have you set for yourself, for the New Year? Today, we invite Londen Underwood to share her feelings pm setting the ideal mindset for 2018!

Marie’s Note: Over on FB, I read a status update that had me snapping and waving my hands in the air. I invited Miss Londen to elaborate on her thoughts and to share them with you. Please take a read and share the love with her!

Happy New Year!!

I could not be more excited to see 2018. 2017 was a real piece of work. It was one my worst years, but also one of the best. Through all the turmoil I received the best gift, the gift of self-love. You have to understand that for 29 years I really did not grasp the full meaning of this concept until I was forced to really look at myself. And let me tell you this was not an easy task, AT ALL!

I know this is a new year, with new goals and new opportunities. The get-it-right, get-it-tight season. I’m all for it!! Yass!  But before we hit the gym, get on this diet, and make these changes… please make sure it’s for the reasons of YOUR health and YOUR happiness.

For most of my life, I let society, family, and friends eat away at my self-confidence by putting their thoughts, standards, and sly remarks about weight in the forefront of my thoughts and feelings. This was the pivotal moment in my life where I began to define who I was by my size and not me as a person.

Every year from the time that I was eight, I was either forced to exercise or to put myself on a diet.

I just wanted to fit in, be accepted.

They say being smaller is the “norm” and dammit I just wanted to be normal. My weight loss journey will go as follows: diet and exercise for a few months, lose only a few pounds, feel defeated, gain the weight back plus more (I was an emotional eater), and repeat.

There are times that we feel that if we lose weight, things would be easier, we would be more “acceptable”, we could “finally” find a man. Oftentimes, we make losing weight more about fitting into other people’s standards and focus less on our personal journey. From personal experience, that shit don’t work!!

You know, at some point in life you just want the madness to stop. Especially with a “new year, new you” feel.

Welcome to 2018, The Year of You!

In 2017, I had finally hit my breaking point.

I came to the realization that it was not my weight that was the problem but it was something deeper within me that needed to change. We have to know that no one is ever guaranteed to stay in our lives, you may get an awesome opportunity or job, but that can be snatched away from you in a blink of an eye.

When there is no one or nothing left, all we have is ourselves. If you are not happy with you will be in a never ending battle. And we just don’t have the time for that in the New Year! So my loves, I am declaring that this be a prosperous and fulfilling year for us all!

Here are a few gems to jump start the Year of YOU!

  1. Put YOURSELF first.
  2. Rid yourself of negative people and unsolicited advice.
  3. Don’t be afraid of being alone.
  4. Enjoy your own company. Dance, laugh, and sing with yourself.
  5. Explore different things and activities that brings you fulfillment and joy.
  6. Smile often.
  7. When feeling down, make sure to speak affirming words over your life.
  8. Set your own personal standards.
  9. Don’t rush your process.
  10. Remember that the outside appearance is an addition not the definition!

Londen Underwood- Welcome to 2018, The Year of You!People will be for you regardless of how you look; that man (or woman) will come, and you can slay at any size! So, I said all this to say, do whatever makes YOU feel good, what makes YOU happy! If nobody likes it. Fuck em! Let this be the year of YOU!

Love and Blessings,

Londen Underwood, Lifestyle Curator

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  1. Lovely post Londen.

    All of your points really hit me in a good way.
    I think a lot of your points can resonate with ALL people, because self-love can be such a powerful tool.

    I think maybe one more gem would be to “not pass judgement”

    Great find Marie! Will be posting to multiple facebook groups!!!

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