My love affair with Uncle Funky’s Daughter

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My hair.

The Curvy Fashionista reviews Uncle Funky's Daughter

Sometimes drives me crazy.

The Curvy Fashionista reviews Uncle Funky's Daughter

Sometimes makes me happy.

The Curvy Fashionista reviews Uncle Funky's Daughter

Sometimes makes me carefree.

I have realized the many personalities of my hair is a direct reflection of me.

I have shared in a previous post, how Uncle Funky’s Daughter was one of my non-negotiables and I have received a few emails and messages about my hair so, I thought I would share with you!

So, as I have been rocking this natural as can be journey (lightly texturized- I’m still quite embarrassingly tender headed), I have been looking for products that work with me and my lifestyle- easy, carefree, and polished if these can coexist? Given my traumatic experience with a new hairstylist who burnt my scalp and damaged my edges- I was not letting anyone else in my hair EVER! So natural it was…. Five years ago- almost!

Transitioning was easy, as I go from one hairstyle extreme to the next (I used to be addicted to the weave!), however finding the right product for me was the challenge. I have tried Africa’s Best from Walgreens, Kinky Curly, and about three months ago, I came across a new product that my local beauty supply was forward thinking enough to try (Thank you Shades of Afrika!) called Uncle Funky’s Daughter. Just on the name alone, I was intrigued- so I bought the Curly Magic for definition and control and Thirsty Curls for day 2, 3, and sometimes 4!

Uncle Funky's Daughter

For starters, I love the packaging and the price point. Along the same lines of its competitors, I love that the Curly Magic comes in a pump! I do not have to dig into the jar and can control the level of product in my hair! Thirsty Curls, to me, revitalizes my Curly Magic over the days after I wash my hair quite nicely, keeping my hair softer, more curl defined, and happily moisturized!

On top of everything, I loved that Uncle Funky’s Daughter is paraben, sulfate, and “junk-free” in their natural product line! Now while I do NOT profess to be a “natural hair” blogger, I can attest to my love for this product and its way it works for me!

Most recently, I played with the Rich and Funky Shampoo (I usually used Panteen Pro-V Relaxed and Natural) and the Richee Rich Conditioner! !!!!!!! is all I can say! I LOVE the way my hair feels afterwards! 🙂

The Curvy Fashionista reviews Uncle Funky's Daughter

Funny, as I was in NY this past week, the humidity did something different to my hair- I noticed with the weather change from the desert to the humidity, so did my hair! I love my hair in the Cali Desert Heat better! LOL


For my natural, curly, and kinky hair curvy Fashionistas, have you heard of Uncle Funky’s Daughter? What do you use to keep your hair together?

To learn more about Uncle Funky’s Daughter, check out their cite and You Tube Channel with really cool how-to videos!

**A very special thank you to my sister of IMOTO Photography who shot me! Thank you sissy poo! **

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Written by Marie Denee

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