#TCFStyle- Five Instagram Looks We Love

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Last week, we brought back our playful and fun #TCFStyle recap, showing off a few fabulous looks and styles modeled by YOU who tagged us on Instagram! Well, today, we are back for more, showing off how you rock plus size fashion so effortlessly! Fancy a crop, a bold pattern or print, want to bare the legs? Well we have a few looks that have us running to our closets to play dress up and we are sharing them with you!

Are you on Instagram? Are you following me? I am @mariedenee on there, we just launched @TCFStyle and the hashtag to follow and use is #TCFStyle!

Gotta love social media and its evolution for plus size fashion and with Instagram, we can see how, take inspiration from, and be inspired by women who look like us! So who is ready for a bit of style inspiration? Did you know that even if you did not make this post, we have a SPECIAL section on the blog that highlights YOU? Yes, make sure you visit the TCFStyle Page to see ALL of the Instagram #TCFStyle tagged pics for even more fab plus size fashion!

Are you ready? Well, here we go:

#TCFStyle- Five Instagram Looks We Love




Black n white #disparateKaris #effyourbeautystandards #goldenconfidence #tcfstyle #fashionforwardplus #swimsuit #forever21 #catears #puckerup #wearwhatyouwanthowyouwant ♥

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See my latest outfit post wearing @zizzifashion fringe kimono, link in bio! ✖️

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I spent most of my young life very uncomfortable with being plus size, trying diet after (awful) diet trying to make myself fit into society’s expectations for me as a young woman. I have FINALLY become comfortable with my body, and NOW, I’m aging! I never thought that age would really be an issue for me, scoffing at the hoard of miracle lotions my mother had amassed and paid a fortune for over the years. I get it now. There is such an emphasis placed not only on size, but also youth! I find myself constantly questioning whether a garment is “too young” for me whenever I’m picking something out. What does that even mean? How can a dress be “too young” for me??? I refuse to go through the same issues that I had about my size again but with my age. If I like it, I’m gonna wear it! Besides, I am forever young at heart!!! ???

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Seeeee? Aren’t these a few great inspirational looks? We have sleek, edgy, leggy, sweet, and girly inspirations shown!

It was sooo hard picking JUST five, but come back next Wednesday for more plus size fashion inspiration! And while you are here, pop on over to our #TCFStyle page, to scroll through all of the fun fashion looks!

Who is inspired? I know that I am!

PS. DO not forget to follow BOTH @MarieDenee and @TCFStyle!

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