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Target Introduces The Shops at Target… and it Includes Plus Sizes!

Target Introduces The Shops at Target… and it Includes Plus Sizes!

Target Shops Collaboration: The Webster Boutique

Pause for a second… right?

You heard me!  I am really geeked out right now, because in less than a month, Target’s latest endeavor to “make great design accessible to all through innovative retail partnerships,”  will go live with its new design program: The Shops at Target.

Target Shops Collaboration: The Webster Boutique

What I think and find innovative about this collaboration is that Target is bringing local boutiques to a national level.  By partnering with shop owners of specialty stores and boutiques across the nation to co-create affordable limited-edition collections for US!  The first collections of The Shops at Target will feature five boutiques in five separate categories, and debuts on May 6 at all Target stores and!

But I promised you Plus Size Fashion right? Right.

So, first up in this designer collaboration is The Webster.  This Miami Beach luxury boutique was founded in 2008 by Laure Heriard Dubreuil and Milan Vukmirovic and is known as a multi-brand boutique devoted to luxury fashion. The Webster at Target includes apparel and accessories for women, men, kids and baby inspired by the essence and sunshine of Miami, FL.

But enough of the talking right? You want to see the fashion? I thought so!

While the collection is much more comprehensive (including bikinis, mens and children), I wanted to show you the items that are to be included in plus sizes! Understand that these press photos were shot on straight sizes, but WILL BE available in PLUS! So here we go!

The Shops at Target Featuring The Webster- In Plus Sizes

Target Shops Collaboration: The Webster Look 12 Target Shops Collaboration: The Webster Look 10 Target Shops Collaboration: The Webster Look 7 Target Shops Collaboration: The Webster Look 8 Target Shops Collaboration: The Webster Look 1 Target Shops Collaboration: The Webster Look 4 Target Shops Collaboration: The Webster Look 11

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What do you think? I need that orange shorts suit in my life right now. The dress with the color-blocking on the front? YESSSS

But enough about what I like, WHAT DO YOU LIKE? How does it make you feel that Target is including plus sizes in its collaborations!

Image Source: Target

A Very Special thank you to Vita R. for the tip!

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  • the short set is screaming my name.. .so much that I am going to stalk the target website like the “open Open OPEN” woman in the old Mervyn’s commercials…..I NEED THAT SET……

  • And yet Target continues to refuse to expand their plus size selections to match their straight sizes, and also refuses to move us from a section that is shared with Maternity. I am surprised that they will offer us anything at all. 

    • Well… yes… BUT in this case they are bringing in plus sizes. The only thing they aren’t doing in plus are their bikinis… and I think one dress… They are even offering petites in some looks… I think they are getting it- albeit slowly, but it is coming around- no? 

  • I just do not understand why the lookbook does not feature plus size women. I think that if there were plus size model modelling the outfits it give everyone a better picture on how the clothes look. And also what are the range for the plus size line? Please let a sista know

    • Hey! Thanks for stopping by! As I shared in the post, most initial collections will only have the items on the straight sizes (they will have petite too in selected sizes but not on any petite models), but in the production on the site, they usually have them available in plus- like they did with the last collection they had for plus sizes! 🙂 

      So while we cannot see it yet…. I trust that when available, we will have them on plus sizes too! 

      For sizing, Target usually goes up to a 24? ish? and or 1x-3x

  • I’m so use to looking at curvy plus models all day, it’s strange to see straight models in clothes lol. Other than the fact that they really need to have plus women modeling these clothes, I think they look fab!

    • I hear you and you know, its a feat that they’ve included plus sizes! 🙂 baby steps and I cannot wait until it hits the web- cause that’s where I’ll be! 🙂 

  • I have to be honest and say most of those clothes are not my style but I am happy to see Target offering more plus selections. It is a step in the right direction. 

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