Around NYC: Re/Dress your Curves Event for FFFWeek

Yesterday was the kick-off for Full Figured Fashion Week, and it was a very eventful day! The day’s festivities kicked off at Re/Dress NYC, courtesy of Miss Deb Malkin! Ladies all around NY and across America who made it their mission to come and be a part of the festivities, landed here to meet and greet as well as pick up those last minute pieces for the fashionable events!

Executive Director, Miss Gwen DeVoe was there with Myisha Hill from Exchange Models and Tondalaya Mack from Club Cushions. I ran into them as I found my way through the subway, out onto the streets, and right into them! Literally!

As I entered Re/Dress, it was a beautiful refreshment to walk into an air conditioned oasis! It is warm and humid this week, far from the crisp air of the Bay Area. Greeting me as I walked in were two lovely volunteers from Full Figured Fashion Week, pointing me in the direction of the lovely Miss Sharon Quinn, and does she look more lovely than ever in person! Actually, everyone does!! But, she is rocking this fabulous blue and green boldly printed and fabulously fitted dress, with fierce blue and black heels! Get it Sharon!

I walk over to Miss Deb, and we chat it up, and then I go shopping! I tried on a few dresses, and run into Anne Marie from Hearts Desire Jewelry and Miss Simone- a model for Ms. Qristyl Frazier! So much fun!!

Vamped Vintage for the Full Figured Fashionista at Re/Dress your Curves Event

As I am making my way around, I run into the lovely Christie McNeal from Venus Divas Magazine! With her camera in tow, she walks around snapping photos and mingling with the shoppers. As I begin to make rounds, I spot my East coast twin, my Curvy Collective partner in crime, Johara Tucker from Luvin my Curves! Right behind her are my other peeps, Cassy McBryde, Stephanie Danforth, and Glen Johnson! Curvy Collective is starting to form!



Glen Johnson and Marie Denee


We hang out and chit chat, getting acquainted and having fun, and then the lovely Susan Moses graces our presence! Do you know who she is? Only the most fabulous celebrity stylist to the stars. One of the divas behind Queen Latifah’s fabulous line, Curvation.

As the day winds down, we, all ten of us, make our way over to grab some fabulous eats at an Indian place, enjoying our new friendships formed! We share our background, all with our cell phones, tweeting our day away!

Re/Dress event lands on a high note as we fastidiously finish to make sure we make it over to BLVD in the Lower East Side for the Emerging Designers Showcase!

You can learn more about these events and more at

Stay tuned for my recap of that event!

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