10 Ways To Own The Skin You’re In For 2016

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Happy New Year! The New Year is the perfect opportunity to set goals for yourself and to make those changes you have wanted for yourself. The New Year is a clean slate to draw your game plan for the coming year and we have a few tips to help you get there! If one of those goals have been how to own the skin you’re in, we have a few tips for you! 

Own the Skin You are in

While there are a million things that may come to your mind, the most important goal you can set is personal growth. Staying on the theme of Owning It, we have a few ways to help you out! So, grab a pen, take notes, make a list, and let 2016 be the year that you evolve into the person you have always wanted to be!

 10 Ways To Own The Skin You’re In For 2016

1. Love Yourself Unconditionally

Love Yourself CommandmentsLoving yourself means adoring EVERYTHING about you. Embrace yourself from the inside out, including the things you perceive as imperfections.


2. Let It Go


It’s a new year and time to let go of all of the small things that crawled under your skin in 2015. Write down all of the things that got you down in the past year and figure out which ones you can forget about and which ones you can change. Make peace with the ones you can resolve and learn from the mistakes of the things you cannot change.


3. Create a vision board

What are your favorite qualities about yourself? What are the things that motivate you to be a better person? What words inspire you and make you feel confident? Include images and words that represent all of these things on a vision board and reference it when you feel you are falling off track.   


4. Change Your Perspective

look at things differentlyCompletely embracing yourself has to come from within. Make it a point to look at things in a positive perspective every day.

5. Find Your Tribe

SexyPlus Clothing Launches Rue 107 with The Stylish ReidIf you spend time with people who engage in body shaming and talking negatively about others, it’s time to re-evaluate your squad. Focus on building relationships with individuals who share the same values and interest as you and make it a point to grow those relationships in 2016.


6. Give Yourself a Compliment Each Day

Give yourself a compliment Don’t wait for a stranger to compliment you on your achievements. It’s ok to give yourself a pat on the back when the wings of your eyeliner are totally clutch or when you crunched through your latest gym session without giving up.

7. Be Brave Enough to Take Risks

Plus Size Model Fluvia Lacerda
Plus Size Model, Fluvia Lacerda

Life is about trying new things, even if you don’t know the outcome. Challenge yourself to try new things and you will be surprised on how much you will learn about yourself in the process, as well as grow in the long run.

8. Treat Yourself to Something Special


You deserve to celebrate yourself and your accomplishments. Did you just land a promotion after working hard in your current position? Run your first 5k? It’s time for you to indulge a little! Grab a cup of coffee, get your nails done, buy those shoes, basically, that one thing you want or love to do but have been putting off, DO IT. Treat Yo Self!

9. Share the Love

Share the love complimentWhat goes around comes back around, so share some of your positive energy with those around you. Make it a point to compliment some one each day and you will see that sharing positive vibes makes you feel good too.

10. Practice Makes Perfect

Learning to love yourself and radiating confidence everyday takes practice and time. There will be times where you will feel down, but the key is learning to pick yourself up and getting back on track to a more positive you!


These are just ten ideas and tips to help you get started! Let us know what you think and what you are going to be working on for 2016 so you can OWN IT!

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Written by Team TCF

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