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Nikki Blonsky Loves Being ‘Huge’ and Pushes Back Against Her Weight

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Nikki Blonsky, star of ABC Family’s hit show “Huge,” isn’t letting her weight or Hollywood’s obsession with weight get her down. Blonsky spoke to Fox 411 last week about maintaining a healthy self image.

“Pick out the great things that you love about yourself,” she tells Fox411. “Whether it be your personality or jokes, whatever it is and focus on that rather than, ‘oh my hips are too big’ or ‘I have fat on my thighs.’ Those, according to Blonsky are, ‘ridiculous things’ to dwell on.”

Hearing someone in the entertainment industry speak about body image in that way is somewhat refreshing, especially since most of our plus size role models are losing weight for vanity and a paycheck instead of for health. Don’t get me wrong here, I exercise and eat right for health reasons, if I lose weight then so be it, and everyone has a right to lose weight for whatever reasons they want to, but…

It is a little disheartening to have your idols, lose weight for vanity and a paycheck.

When I see a certain weight loss commercial with Sara Rue saying that she was, “Not wanting to leave the house some days because I’m so uncomfortable in my skin isn’t normal,” and then hearing her basically say that she couldn’t be happy at her former weight breaks my heart.


I’ve had weight issues growing up and even now as a young adult. I even tried the company that Sara Rue represents when I was just 16, but I’ve come to realize that no matter what size I am, or how my pants fits, I have to be happy with myself. True love comes from within no matter what size I am. I remember the first time Sara Rue publicly lost weight and gained it back. How will she feel if she does the same thing again?

Hopefully she, and others, will take Nikki Blonsky’s advice to heart, and learn to love herself from the inside out.

“Beauty fades as we get older,” Blonsky explains. “We will be remembered for the important things like our personalities and the work that we’ve done and how we’ve impacted other people’s lives. Not what we look like.”

What are your thoughts?

With the latest celebrity endorsements of the latest diet endorsements, how does this make you feel?

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  1. The Sara Rue commercial made me so mad. I really can’t stand celebrities endorsing weight loss programs because they know they have an influence on people and that what they say can be potentially damaging. If she was having issues getting out of the house looking the way she did, I think she had more that body issues and a weight problem! It makes me sad because I loved her on Popular and back then I was so happy to see a bigger girl on TV. Now I quite honestly don’t think she looks herself so to speak.

    I love Nikki Blonsky though. She is fierce and never afraid to speak her mind. She said in another interview that she loved herself because her parents have always been supportive and I think that’s the answer to a lot.

  2. Nikki IS Fierce and not afraid to stand up and out for what she believes in! She exudes fire and confidence! I am still on the fence with HUGE, but I love her nonetheless! Thanks for stopping by Val!!

  3. I am not going to knock Sara Rue or Jennifer Hudson for their decision to lose weight and make money off of doing it……I’m a New Yorker born and bred, so I completely understand the hustle. However, with that being said, what made these women stand out, was their curves and the ability to rock them without apology. We will see if these two will get more work because of the weight loss. Ms. Blonsky did her thing in Hairspray and I love her verve and vivaciousness. She represents for the “big girls” so very well.

  4. This article rings close to my heart. If anybody remembers Kimberley Locke from Idol season 2, I was a HUGE fan of hers, still am today!! But when I heard that she was going to be on Celebrity Fit Club I through a fit, paniced, cried, and just lost all my senses. But then when I found out she was only doing it for health reasons, I understood, but STILL didn’t wanna ACCEPT it. Until a friend of mine gave me a bit of reality about the death of Luther Vandross. His diabetes and weight fluctuations (I think brought on by his fans’ pickiness) had done him in. She said I shouldn’t wish bad health on Kimberley just for my OWN selfish purposes (even though I still feel that Kim looked better big). I’ve even encourged Sara Rue fans to support her in her weight loss journey. It was HER decision. That’s how I look at it.

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