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Out and About: Inside Indique Hair Los Angeles

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If you have been following me for a while, then you should know that I love rocking my weaves. Keeping my hair braided up and away has proven to be my best bet at keeping my hair healthy and protected. So when I was invited to check out the latest hair addition to Los Angeles- Indique Hair, I did not walk, I ran! I have had the pleasure of rocking Indique hair before and I was eagerly looking for a new install!

Inside Indique Hair Los Angeles

My Trip to Indique Store Los Angeles I must say, I really did enjoy the visit! Worth my trek from the Inland Empire to Culver City! YES. I would liken the Indique Salon to a boutique for your hair. Each collection is perfectly sectioned and organized away and samples of the hair is perfectly on display for you to touch and feel… If you are anything like me, then you would be touching every texture that appealed to your liking- picking up samples and holding them next to each other to help determine the style that best matched your liking!

My Trip to Indique Store Los Angeles

My Trip to Indique Store Los AngelesFor me, I gravitated to the newest range- the Sea Collection, but more specifically the FIJI Curl range. I learned that Bounce Curl was from India and the Sea Collection is from Asia. Hahahah! Kind of cool to know! Because I wanted a bit of oomph, I finagled with and played with the texture of the Fiji Curl finally settling on the 18 inches… heyyyy boo! It sounded fancy!


The entire store, run by Tee was open, clean, chic, and posh. I really liked the wall of tubes behind the register- it made for an interesting wall piece! I also got to see and learn about the other textures and options that I normally would not visit, the straight and slightly wavy hair… but it was definitely cool to check out… I do love playing in hair.My Trip to Indique Store Los Angeles


My Trip to Indique Store Los AngelesAfter I picked up my gift from Indique, I made a beeline for Dee Dee who always hooks up my hair (and has for about 16 years!) with about almost three packs (almost) she shaped, trimmed, and gave my body with this look! While it has slight shedding, I love the variety this hair gives me… I can fro it out or can two strand twist it out! Either way, there is fa variety and it needs moisture!

To remedy this, I use both Cantu Creamy Hair Lotion and Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue when I twist it up at night. It is taking some getting used to- this new curl pattern! I am happy to have another local resource for all of my hair needs!

My Trip to Indique Store Los Angeles   Marie Denee in Addition Elle Pink Seamed Dress

You can learn more about the LA location and about their products, at

Have you had the pleasure of Indique hair? What do you think of my new do!? Have you been by the new California store? Let me know!

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