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When Was the Last Time That You Checked Out H&M Plus Sizes? Did You Know They Go Up through a 4X, Too?

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Did you know that H&M still carries plus sizes? Not just plus sizes, but up through a size of 4X! Did you know this? Our internet searches landed us on H&M, as we were looking at the newest collection from the Ruth Carter, the costume designer behind Black Panther and her capsule collection.

But, whoa! Were we surprised when we hopped over to H&M plus sizes!

See, H&M has come quite a way. They’ve had a little bit of a rocky path when it comes to plus size fashion.

For starters, they launched a beautiful collection of plus size fashion, overseas. Stopped that collection, brought plus size fashion to the US. Exciting right?

Well, the sizing was a little (or a lot) challenging. From there, they brought plus sizes into select stores, but then unceremoniously removed it.

There was extremely limited and sporadic marketing around their plus size collection and offerings. And we have not even talked about their unfortunate sizing, the first go round…

When was the last time YOU checked out H&M Plus Sizes?

H&M Plus Sizes- Chiffon Dress - Green/floral
Chiffon Dress at
So, color as surprised when we saw over 400 (254 in size 4X) pieces available in plus sizes AND options up to a size 4X/30! I know, right?

Now for those of you who are wondering where and how the sizing compares, it is not far off! If you compare their size chart to Torrid (which goes up to a size 30, which is technically around a 5 or 6), their size options are very similar, but with a more body conscious cut.

What can you find at H&M in Plus?

H&M Plus Sizes- Cotton Tunic - Beige - Ladies | H&M US
Cotton tunic at
Well, you have your elevated essentials, your classic tees, your wear to work foundations, and your plus size jeans. But they also have a few hero pieces throughout the assortment.   

But the question is: What About In-Store H&M Plus Size Fashion?

H&M Plus Size- Coat with Draped Lapels - Beige - Ladies | H&M US
Coat with Draped Lapels at
We are waiting for an answer at this moment… but it does not look like plus is available in store, just online…

What are they going to do with their marketing? Both on site, in-store, and on social? We do hope that they include more than the sporadic inclusion images of the ever so fly, Tara Lynn.

What’s going to happen with this plus collection?

H&M Plus Sizes- Faux Leather Coat - Black - Ladies | H&M US 2
Faux Leather Coat at
Is this something that is a now a mainstay? You know, something that is actually going to be continually integrated into the brand’s DNA? *Please!*

H&M Plus Sizes- V-neck Dress - Dark beige/leopard print
V-neck Dress at

You can shop H&M Plus Sizes at!

It is surprising that we haven’t seen very much in the form of marketing advertisements, look books, or featured collections. And will plus sizes be included in their future collaborations that H&M is known for?

So, what is going to happen with their plus size collection? We have to admit there are some cute pieces here that we have found!

And we are so curious about what this will look like moving forward. Is this a mainstay for them? Will they start to be more inclusive in their collaborations?

What are you going to be getting from the H&M collection WITH plus sizes up to a size 4X?

Are you going to be shopping H& M OR have you been shopping THEM ALREADY?

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Written by Team TCF

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  1. It is very poor decision on the part of H&M not to have plus sizes in their stores. We plus size women have to try things on in order to see how they fit our bodies because we are all built so differently from each other. I have slowed down all my online shopping because I am tired of having to pay for things to be shipped back and forth to the store to get the right fit.

      • I myself was so disappointed when H&M removed the very small section of plus size clothing from there store
        and they want us to shop on line. Are you kidding ?
        plus size women always need to try on any type of clothing to see how we feel and how it fits and will that piece of clothing flatter our body type
        This does not make any sense to me to only sell plus size on line only. No longer support this Brand they don t care about plus size customers This is just my point of view

  2. Love the H&M plus size collection! I’ve found a lot of great work essentials. I feel like they have a more modern look than other plus-size-only retailers.

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