5 Things I Learned About Shopping H&M Plus Sizes

To my surprise, I’ve recently started doing a lot of shopping over at H&M’s online plus size section. Why the surprise? Let’s just say I’m “that shopper” who tries on everything before making a purchase! Here on the blog, we have talked much about H&M’s plus size collection, the offerings, and shared our thoughts…

Well thanks to H&M, gone are my fears of online shopping. I’m hear to tell that H&M plus sizes is a definite “must shop” if you’re looking to stock up on basic seasonal wardrobe staples. Before you start filling your cart with goodies, check out the  5 things I learned about shopping H&M plus sizes.

5 Things I Learned About Shopping H&M Plus Sizes


1.  H&M is basic but necessary! I’ve heard many people complain that H&M is too plain. Sure, their items may not be as exciting as other online choices. But every woman needs a few basic pieces in her wardrobe.

2. Mix their basic items with trendier pieces. Like I said in #1, H&M items can be seen as basic. But if you pair some of their basic items with more trendy and exciting pieces, you can end up with a fabulous look! Don’t be so quick to count out the importance of basic wardrobe items.


3. Try a size up. I ordered the Treggings in my normal size and I figured because they were stretch, they’d fit. WRONG! I could barely get my baby toe in those jeans/leggings! I eventually re-ordered a size up and had much better luck.

4. Tunics + Dresses = Comfort & Lots of Wearability. I’m a huge fan of tunics and other non restrictive, relaxed articles of clothing. I ordered their jersey dress in black and rust red…talk about comfortable! While the material is a tad thin, I still like the item because of it’s wearability. I’ve worn each color as a dress, a shirt with jeans, a tunic with leggings…you name the combo I’ve done it and loved it.

5. Shop quick! I put a few items in my cart at the beginning of the week, thinking I’d be able to purchase them maybe Thursday or Friday. Ha! 3 of the 4 items were out of stock by the time I was ready to purchase. My advice? If you see something you like, buy it! If it doesn’t fit the way you hoped, no worries. Their return/exchange is quick and easy.

Shop The Plus Size Options at!

You can shop H&M Plus Sizes NOW, online… have you had the pleasure? There are a few basics I need to update the closet with!

Have you tried shopping H&M Plus Sizes? What was your experience? 

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