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Good American Shoes?! Yup! Good American Launches Shoes UP to a Size 14 AND in Extended Widths!

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When it comes to fashion being inclusive one of the areas that is often left out (next to plus size options) are shoes! You know, the fun options above a size ten AND in extended widths! Well, Good American Shoes takes an ambitious leap with their new shoe collection, and listen it is cuuuute.

Yes, we may be staying safe at home, but nothing is wrong with getting your closet ready for when outside opens, right? This Good American Shoe Collection is one to check out, especially since the shoes will go up through a size 14 AND in extended widths!

“You ever Google what size 14 shoes look like? Cover your eyes,”

Emma Grede jokes with

We MUST share, extended (not a true wide) width shoes are definitely different from wide calf boots, so do keep this in mind while shopping the collection!

Good American Shoes- Show Off Flat Suede Red001

While most plus size brands do wide width AND wide calf measurements, if your calf is larger than a 20inch circumference, we would err on the side of caution with the boot options here. But they are giving us wayyyyy more than boots!

“We really try to be inclusive for everybody. That’s how we’ve started with denim, we were inclusive from the jump. It’s not just a trend that we’re piggybacking off of. It’s something that we’ve always been true to, and we’re not going to change our approach in the shoe department,”

Khloe Kardashian shares with

Are you ready to see what we are talking about? Well, we’ve picked out our faves that you will be able to rock for seasons to come…

Take a look at a few of our favorite finds from the Good American Shoe Collection!

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Good American takes an ambitious leap with their new shoes collection, and listen it is cuuuute.

LISTEN! This shoe collection is sexy AF and elevated. These are not the same shoes you get from your favorite fast fashion brands… nope. Think the contemporary space, like where you would place Jibri, Coyan, and 11 Honoré.

“We stress-tested the heels. Everybody’s broken a heel at one point. But of course, if you are on the larger end of the size spectrum, that happens a lot. And that’s what we don’t want to happen at Good American.

So, doing stress testing, using super quality fabrics made in Europe—we’ve got a Cloud sole that feels super, super cushioned and molds around your foot to give you that extra bit of stability.”

Emma Grede to

So, what does this mean? You are going to get innovation, attention to detail, AND a pointed focus on comfort. Good American Shoes range from $139 to $375. So, for those of you looking for a little fanciness in your shoe life, make sure you check this collection out!  

They are giving us options from segzy slinky sandals, playful booties, classic slingback pumps and statement-making flats (these are our fave).

And you can shop them NOW.

Check out the full Shoe Collection at!

The collection starts shipping out December 10th! And if the shoes are anything like how their denim fits, we should be in for a treat!

If we get our hands on a few pairs of their shoes, we will share more details with you!

Until then, what do you think of the collection? Could you see yourself in a few of these shoes? Which ones have your attention?

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