Awakening the TRU Diva in you- An Interview with the Designer Veronica L.

Trulogy Liquid Collection by Tru Diva

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Last month, in Hollywood, at the Love Your Body Day, I was left speechless when this spicy designer set the catwalk ablaze with her liquid patent leather collection. Ohs and ahs danced from the lips of the spectators with the sequined hot pants to the floor length leather and lace gown, TRU Diva designs left us in awe.

From the moment the first piece hit the catwalk, I knew this designer was onto something here- and I had to figure just what it was.  See, TRU Diva exuded confidence, oozed sex appeal, all while keeping it classy.  Definitely not for the shy curvy fashionista, as any piece from this designer is sure to awaken the TRU Diva in you.

Sitting down and chatting with Miss Veronica was such a pleasure as I got the chance decipher  and decode the method to her beautiful madness that is TRU Diva. Please read on as I introduce to you, Miss Veronica L. of TRU Diva designs.

SKORCH Magazine: Let’s start with the fire you brought to Love Your Body Day! Your Truology Liquid Collection- Fire!

Veronica: (laughing) I have always wanted to do something edgy in patent leather!  I had been thinking about and I just did it!

Trulogy Liquid Collection by Tru Diva
Trulogy Liquid Collection by Tru Diva

SM: Okay Miss Veronica, word is that you are a self-taught designer! How did you jump into this?

V: I have been sewing for about 9 yrs but the past year and a half I have been making a name for myself. I was not happy with the fit of plus size clothes, so I began designing clothes for myself.

SM: So as your line evolved, so did your personal modeling career!  You were crowned Miss Full and Fabulous!  How did this award influence your fashion design?

V: The title Ms Full and Fabulous influenced me a lot. I felt it gave me a confidence boost.  It showed me that other people really loved my style and that they wanted what I had to offer.

SM: As a designer, what were the biggest call outs that your clientele asked for?

V: My clientele ask for a look that is different.  They want to look and feel good about their clothes and curves.

SM: What do you currently have going on with your collection?

V: Currently I am working on a sweat suit and jean collection.  These two items are essential to a woman’s wardrobe when she is running around town or may need something comfortable to travel in.  I want the right type of fabric so I am taking my time… I hope to have them in 2010.

Tru Diva Spring Collection
Tru Diva Spring Collection

SM: Where can we find you, your collections, and if possible, meet you?

V: I am based out of South Jersey. You can shop my collection at People can find me throughout New York, as I have been showing there with my trunk shows.

SM: Plus size fashion when you started and plus size fashion now, what are the differences you see?

V: The difference between plus size fashion when I started and plus size fashion now is that I feel the clothing has gotten better. Some of the plus size stores are finally getting the message that plus size women want to look good and not feel like they are wearing tents. The clothes are more fitted and body conscious- a major factor important to a plus size women, because we come in all different shapes.

SM: Getting your hands on one rising celebrity, who would it be?

V: If I could get my hands a one rising star it would be Chrisette Michele.  I like her style and I know she would like Tru Diva! Especially my Truology Liquid collection. She gives you that rocker sexy look.

SM: Lastly, Curvy.Confident.Chic. what does this mean to you?

V: Curry Confident Chic Means TRU DIVA. Every woman who has curves wants to be able to walk into a room with confidence and embrace her curves because she looks good and feels good about herself.  And Tru Diva designs brings that to you!


To find out more about the designer, the collection, and contact information, please visit and fan Tru Diva on Facebook!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. Haute collection, that dress in the third pic at the top has my name written all over it.

    I love it! I love that your blog continues to excite and empower curvy women to go for it (whatever the it may be).

    Keep em coming and I’ll keep reading.

    Prissi Chic

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