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Plus Size Art: Murder of Goths Illustrations

Plus Size Art: Murder of Goths Illustrations

Plus Size Art: Murder of Goths Illustrations

Plus Size Art: The Curvy Fashionista drawn by Murder of Goths I love [tps_header]showcasing plus size art. Asides from seeing yourself reflected back in the eyes of an artist doing wonders for one’s confidence, it is just cool and begs to be celebrated! If you have not been to the blog before, I have a slew of different artists that we feature on the blog and today, we shine the light on Murder of Goth’s work, as is you follow her on Instagram, you will know, she is kind of FLY! Add to the fact that I was humbled when she featured me, I had to share with you more about the artist AND let you know how you can get your own piece of work done!

Well, meet the lady behind the artwork, Kathryn Mallow, a blogger, artist, and activist; she shares it best, via her blog:

“Originally I planned to run a separate account for things I thought were too frivolous to be bundled in with discussions about rape culture and politics, eg. my artwork and fashion/beauty pieces. However I came to realize that while these things were, in some ways, softer subjects they were also dictated by larger issues like disability and gender/body politics. So they had their place here too.”

So are you ready to see her work? Well, please take a gander at the gallery and then head on over to her site, and say hi!

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Plus Size Art: Murder of Goths Illustrations [/tps_header]

Plus Size Art: Murder of Goths Illustrations on The Curvy Fashionista

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