Hair Care

It is not all beauty and fashion talk. Here we talk about hair. Tips and products we are kind of in love with and what will help you put your best mane forward.

Rocking Out With My New ‘Do- Dernier Cri Virgin Hair

Dernier Cri Virgin Hair on The Curvy Fashionista

Last week and some change ago, I switched up the do. I wanted to play in a more relaxed look, somewhere in between full and straight, so I went for a playful wave. I let go of the teal/green-ish hair color and opted for the all black (1B) look and let it flow, let it go in my Dernier Cri Virgin Hair … [Read more...]

I Really Love My- Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Look. We all have those items that we tell all of our friends and family about, that seem to have changed our lives or have made it better… Today, is one of those days where I have to share with you a brand that I have been using for over six months that has positively changed my life. Tropic Isle … [Read more...]

Playing Around in my new Indique Hair #BounceOrganicCurl- My Review

indique hair Bounce Organic Curl review

I have been watching Indique Hair for some time… I think about two years almost… I remember playing at Lianne’s NYFW event, and Indique was a sponsor… at this time, I wasn’t playing around with weaves, but I remembered them. I loved the texture and feel of their product. Over time and through an … [Read more...]

This Hair of Mine… Decisions

This Hair of Mine Decisions

Sooo a funny thing happened over the weekend. While taking out my weave from Heat Free Hair (which I adore by the way and fought tooth and nail to buy), it occurred to me that some of you didn’t realize that I was rocking a weave! I have shared this on Instagram, twitter, here, and on Facebook. I … [Read more...]

I FACED MY FEARS: I got waxed and I laughed all through it.

Waxing Scene in 40 Year Old Virgin

and I SURVIVED. But let me back up… I HAD been TERRIFIED of waxing. BEYOND SCARED. Scurred. Sooooooo much so that I even did a post about refusing to wax. One BAD experience of the lip, eons and many moons ago, left me scared shitless and terrified to ever venture into this territory … [Read more...]

New Look, New ‘Do, and Review with Perfect Locks

New Look New Do and Review with Perfect Locks

So…. If you are following me on Twitter, Instagram(mariedenee), Facebook, or have peeped my last outfit post, then you would have noticed, girlfriend has a new do for fall! Yes!!! Thanks to my new friends at Perfect Locks, I have had the pleasure twice over to rock their collection! The first … [Read more...]

Bouncing Back with Hairfinity: My Challenge

Hairfinity Challenge

So… in one of my latest outfit posts, I introduced you to my new hairstyle and the egregious story that accompanied the change.  After cutting off about three inches, weaving my hair away to rest, I knew I needed to give my hair some TLC. "Keep in mind, however, that all beauticians are not created … [Read more...]

Hey! National Curly Hair Day is Around the Corner!

Curly Hair post

  Do you have curls? Do you love your curls?  I do.  I did. And will always!   However, it has taken me a while to get here! I have shared my most colorful hair story before… after vowing never to let anyone else in my hair except Dede after a forever scarring trip to the hairdresser … [Read more...]

Beautiful Curls- A Review

Beautiful Curls

Since I have been more vocal and active with the beauty side of things here, I have had the fabulous opportunity to review different products for my hair- as I play around for a great combo for me and my curly kinky hair! I really never knew the amalgamation of products that NOW are on the scene, … [Read more...]

My love affair with Uncle Funky’s Daughter

The Curvy Fashionista reviews Uncle Funky's Daughter

My hair. Sometimes drives me crazy. Sometimes makes me happy. Sometimes makes me carefree. I have realized the many personalities of my hair is a direct reflection of me. I have shared in a previous post, how Uncle Funky’s Daughter was one of my non-negotiables and I have received … [Read more...]