My STyle: It’s Ms Leggette, Professor Leggette, If You Ask Me


So if you have been following me on Instagram (are you following me over there?!?!) then you probably caught this photo of me with my newest score: My Faculty ID and my Parking Permit.

It is official; I am now an adjunct teacher at WoodBury University! I am part of the Fashion Marketing Department teaching my first class (formally) ever! Now if you do not know, I sit on my MBA in Marketing, in which I focused on the fashion business (plus size in particular!) I have always wanted to teach, and I do believe that one of my long term goals is to become a full-time professor!

So this day, I had to go in and meet with my BOSS, as we combed through documents, the syllabus, and I learned a little bit more about my students! Now that my wardrobe will call for fashionably business casual, this shall be interesting. (At least, you will get more wear to work outfit posts from me!)

This is what I put together to hang at the office:

OOTD: It’s Ms Leggette, Professor Leggette, If You Ask Me

Mynt 1792 (a brand who I am working closely with) shot me a few new items from their debut collection and I thought, what a perfect time to dress it up! So, I played down my snakeskin blazer with the skinny jeans from Mynt 1792 as well!

I paired my fit with a basic tee (scored seasons ago from Simply Be) and pointy wedges from Just Fab!


My Mini Review of my Fit:

OOTD: It’s Ms Leggette, Professor Leggette, If You Ask Me

The jacket, which is fully lined (which means this is an amazing touch), comes with the sleeves rolled up, but what is quite nice is that the sleeves are full length- a rarity among jackets in plus! LOL! If you have a fuller bust, the cuts from Mynt will make you happy as you will have ample room and still be able to button the jacket if you want!

OOTD: It’s Ms Leggette, Professor Leggette, If You Ask Me

The jeans are an all-day comfort wear. They do relax out, but not too much as to lose its shape. I do wish they were a smidge more fitted… but it is not too much to bother me. I do like the rise of these jeans, where they hit my waist, and the cut is definitely a classic. These are dark enough to be dressed up or down and offer me a variety of ways to play with them! (one of my rules)

OOTD: It’s Ms Leggette, Professor Leggette, If You Ask Me

So this is my version of Business Casual and I am hyped! I have always wanted to teach and I have now actualized this goal! WOOT!


OOTD: It’s Ms Leggette, Professor Leggette, If You Ask Me

What do you think of the look? My News? Let me know!


Thank you @BendoniStyle for snapping me!

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  1. Ruth says

    So now I have to go check out mynt 1792 :) And big congrats on your new teaching job! I have a question… No belt… Have you talked about belts before & they are no bueno? Also, I know you mentioned the jeans could have been tighter but honestly they look classy on you. I wouldn’t change a thing except putting me in the picture to since where I am I never see palm trees.

    • says

      I love a good belt when they are needed or when the outfit calls for one. Since my top is more relaxed and non tuckable and it covers my midsection not needed! Thank you ma’am for the kind words!!! 

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