Plus Size and Smaller than a D Cup: A Frustration

Today we invite blogger, Netta P in to talk about a common issue, plus size and small-chested. WIth her witty self, I invited Netta to chat about this… Please enjoy!

It used to be that if you were plus size, good luck finding a bra that fit and wasn’t as boring as a yawn on a rainy day. Now, there are loads of options out there – at least in comparison to before. Except … for those of us who wear a cup size smaller than a C. That’s right. I wear a cup size B. And I just fill that right on up. C is not gonna cut it for me. Never has. Never will. Sometimes the B cups on the market don’t work either. Leave me with that weird little gap between my bra and my breast. Annoying, to say the least.

Posture support wirefree bra by Comfort Choice

Anyway, I was talking to my good friend, you might know her, The Curvy Fashionista. Mmhmm. And I saw this new bra line that she posted about that’s just launched called Curvy Couture. And then I saw some tweets from my other good friend, Alissa from Stylish Curves. She was tweeting all these pictures from the Curvy Couture holiday preview:





Apparently the line was designed by someone who was a manufacturer for Victoria’s Secret and Lane Bryant. And I started to get excited.

I thought, “OH YES. This is for plus size women! They must mean me!” And I’ve felt that excitement before. I’ve felt it about lingerie. Only to arrive and find out that my bra size isn’t available. This is something that’s been happening to me my entire life. And I know, I know, I might not be as voluptuously endowed as my larger-breasted sisters, and there might be products out there like that one bra from the Itty Bitty Bra Company.

Flatter Me Bra

 (side note: eye roll at your name. I’m not feeling it. I know they’re itty bitty. I don’t need you to rub it in. Although I guess I DID know who your product was for … but it’s not like there’s a bra company out there called “Big Honkin Boobies” marketing to women with larger breasts. It just strikes me as a bit rude.) 

And it might even be that Lane Bryant carries something they call a 40B, but I’m here to tell you I am solidly a 40B upon measuring myself, and the bras from Lane Bryant are gapping all OVER the place. The Flatter Me Bra, which totally fits me, is what the Itty Bitty Bra Company calls their bra for plus size women who wear a cup size smaller than a C.

You know what colors it’s made in?

Black and nude. (Yawn.) And I REALLY feel for my girls who wear a size A or AA because I really haven’t seen anything out there for y’all that isn’t black, nude or white. And if your band size is 42B … there’s not a whole lot out there for you either.

So, I’ve continued to buy my bras from Lane Bryant cause I get a little excited by a little lace and pattern that matches my sexy panties. Even though it’s not really making me feel all that sexy when I wear a t-shirt … at least it’s sometimes giving me a nicely proportioned shape by adding some extra padding.

Goddess Lace Longline Underwire Bra

And I know there are SOME things out there.  Like if you were to check out Bare Necessities or Lavinia there are maybe 5 or 6 options that aren’t black, nude or white. So, some progress has been made for those of us who are 40B.

I DO see some more exciting options from Full Beauty. I would be very interested in trying these bras on though to see if they work or not! A lot of options out there look like they weren’t made with small breasts in mind – which is why the Flatter Me Bra is actually pretty flattering. They understand how to gift a smaller bustline lift under a tshirt!

I guess what I’m really trying to say here is, I KNOW there are other women like me out there. I see them all the time. I mean, I ride the train in NYC, I see at least 2 or 3 women a day who also have smaller breasts and are plus size. I mean this is something I really actually think about when I see them, too. I kind of want to lean over and go – “Hey girl. I see you. I know, bras suck. They ain’t got nothin for us, do they?”

Can someone who is designing a bra specifically for smaller bustlines with a larger band think about this for me? Bra companies? Please?


It’s not just our curvy counterparts that want to feel like they are uplifted properly, supported succinctly, Va-va-voomed voluptuously. I mean, I’m appealing, attractive, delightful, sensuous, sexy, and a little bit sassy when you catch me on any day. I’d love to rock something that makes me feel that way with my clothes on, too, particularly in a corset. Holler at yer girl scout y’all.

Are you a member of the just enough of a handful crew? What is going on with your bustline? Are you waiting for a lingerie company to turn some attention your way specifically? I want to hear about it!



NettaP writes about plus size fashion and life on her own blog at, and she has a weekly plus size fashion show on YouTube called The Round Up. Netta lives in Brooklyn, loves a good sheath dress, and she adores connecting with friends old and new!

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  1. says

    I switch between a 40B & 40C, depending on the bra. Sometimes when I try on a 40C, I don’t fill it enough & sometimes when I try on a 40B, my bust spills over. So frustrating. Having a good foundation is essential. If your undergarments are ill-fitting & don’t feel good, you won’t feel good either. 

    I really hope companies hear us out. Unfortunately, not all plus size women are busty.
    — Nicole

    • says

      Totally true Saucy! (Love your name btw :)) I guess it’s really the same dilemma that everyone faces when finding their one true fit. I’d really love to see garments for smaller breasts be designed for those fits specifically. I liken it to when straight sizes are sized up by just adding extra fabric and not really thinking about the SHAPES that are crucial to make fit happen properly in plus size. Thank you for commenting! :D xoxo netta

  2. Samantha says

    AMEN! I’m a 44B and it’s almost impossible to find nice bras that fit right and make the girls look good. 

      • Samantha says

        I’ve had good luck with bras from Hips and Curves. The Essential Everyday T-Shirt Bra fits really well and looks good under everything. The embroidered lace underwire bra is my favorite, but it is super delicately made and the straps rip from the cups if you’re not careful.

        Linda the Bra Lady also has a good selection! The only drawback with shopping there is that if the bra isn’t in stock, you can wait weeks for the delivery.

  3. wildefae says

    UGH YES. I’m anywhere from a 38-40 B-C (with occasional dips into 36) depending on the bra, how much water I’m retaining, if my weight’s decided to redistribute weirdly. I can never find cute bras. Add to that the fact that one of my breasts is literally a cup size larger than the other and I’m doomed to gappy boring bra syndrome.

      • wildefae says

        Well “designers” is a pretty strong word since I’m working part time retail right now, but Target gets most of my business, and for nude or white t-shirt bras they’re not terrible. Lane Bryant occasionally, as well, but I have the same trouble you do with their sizes being a little big. I usually feel like I have to go too big or too small, at least if I’m trying to order something I can actually try on and that’s not a hundred dollars.

        • says

          Thanks for sharing! When was the last time you got fitted? I always wondered how this affects the fit and search! I was told every six months we should! 

  4. Amanda says

    I agree…the cushion i got isn’t in the chest! I make Lane Bryant’s 40-B work with inserts and cross backs but they sexy they are not…my girls would love some spice to match the rest of my wardrobe!

  5. Blueyes56 says

    I’m with you on this issue I’m a 44B and have ended up doing the down a band up a cup  to get a fit.  I only wear Lane Bryant as there are no other stores near me so I am doing theese online.  Since most of the brars are 4 hook I can’t find 4 hook extenders to give me breathing room on those days when I need that extra room. 

    • Wink says

      Im the same size as you. I have just lost 20kgs or 44pounds. Had to recalc my boobs.
      Im super confused as to how my clothing size is smaller than my bra band size, but hey what eves as long as I’m comfy.

      How do you go down a band up a cup to get a good fit…I’m always in the mid range thats never on the charts. Should I go up or down in size???? arrrr so confuffled.

      Im 43″ over bust and 39.5″ under Im half a cm out of an actual size acording to Australian sizing charts.

      • says

        you should also check out FullFigure FUller Bust as she is a breast and bra sizing god! I do not know the measurement in Aussie terms… @dannimezza is a great Aussie blogger to check out too!

        • Wink says

          thanx, i’m heading over to take a look, cause the 22B (44B) straps fall off, either too big or too small in the back and the cups it huge.

      • Felissa Mata says

        You are a god send…I have a beautiful bra, but it doesn’t quite make it around my back. I’m off to Joann’s!!!

  6. Felissa Mata says

    I feel like you are an angel sent from heaven!!! I have Turner’s Syndrome ( which basically means on top of short stature (5’0 so I”m lucky), premature ovarian failure (my body basically never hit puberty…no babies, but I get to experience menopause (yay). Silver lining – I’ve never had to shave, buy tampons, or worry about Aunt Flo visiting my town…ever). So, my body is frozen at 11, no boobs, I’m 40, I weigh 168lbs, I’m 5’0 an I wear a 38-AA, argh! I have had the worst time dressing myself, and knowing that other women out there have this same complaint makes me feel so much less alone in my fashion-tastrophe. Forget trying on bathing suits, but that’s for another day.

      • Felissa Mata says

        trying to find shapely, comfortable bras in my size is like hunting for the last Dodo bird. They are elusive. When I was younger (pre-hanging boobs), I didn’t even wear one. What I am really on the hunt for is a bathing suit that is flattering. I do have positive attributes that I want to show off (I like my legs). But, my booty, my belly and my boobies don’t want to work together.

  7. Felissa Mata says

    I literally have one bra (I removed the water inserts, chihuahuas and water bras don’t mix). It’s old, black lace, I hate it…but damn it’s comfy and my boobs don’t look bad in it.

  8. Bethany says

    Ugh I totally know where your coming from >.< I usually have to settle for a bra that is much too tight and leave's marks. I'm thinking of buying some bra extenders and maybe that will help.

  9. aisyah says

    thank yooouuu for writing this! I know I’m not alone in this. If someone were to raid my bra drawer, they would be extremely dissappointed at the lack of color nor design! Heck, I’d be happy to get even a cream colored bra with some decent lace or bow, rather than the boring old plain black or white. U__U I’m a 38A and there’s not much of those here with pretty designs.

  10. SAgirl0816 says

    Oh my gosh, all of my other plus sized friends have huge boobs, I’m the only one that has my small (not even full) B’s. It’s just not fair, there are very few, if any bra options. And it’s not just bras. I’m getting married and would like one of those strapless bustiers for wearing under my dress. But guess what?? If you try it on in your bra size, it will definitely not fit around your waist at all…this is so frustrating, glad to know I’m not alone. I just wish more designers would consider every body shape. NOT EVERY plus sized girl has giant boobs!!

  11. Elizabeth says

    OMGosh, thanks for posting this!! I wear a band size 40 but I am a C cup, I have the hardest time finding bras my size! Sometimes I have to buy a size 40 D or sometimes I go 38C and use an extender, but that is such a pain. I do like structured bras with wide bands, so I always feel like I have to choose from no good options. Thanks so much for being a voice for all of us plus size women out there!

  12. @MsTracyMarie says

    Totally agree! I lost 65 lbs this year and my 44C has shrunk to a 40-42
    B/C. I find now that I have large gabs in my C cups, but like you it is
    difficult to find a B-40, and usually those don’t have enough room. I
    know my body is changing with my lifestyle change, but can a girl get a
    decent affordable bra? The B’s are too small and the C’s too big. I
    desire to get a boob job and forget the bra struggle all together, life
    would be easier. lol

  13. Erin says

    YES!!!! I would love to find some bras that rock!!! I am 36 and just this pass year went to Victoria Secret to buy a bra…when I asked for her to measure me she told me the size (40-42b) and asked what I was looking for. She came back with a 38c and an bra extender. I was semi happy with a push up and paid the $50. But, I’m not real happy with the whole extender thingy. I would love love love to find some sexy bras in my/ our size!!!! I am sooo happy I am not alone in this venture =)…lol

  14. Jo says

    40 B here. I am very tall, broad-shouldered, with a solid build, and small breasts. And I am PICKY about bras. I want them to be comfy. No scratchy lace. Wide straps. Perhaps some light-medium padding that would balance me out a bit. I’d LOVE a padded sports bra in my size, minus the uni-boob. I have been searching for the dream bra for my entire life. I don’t care if it’s purple with orange stripes and yellow polka dots.

  15. Cassie Hargett says

    It’s truly hard to find a good lingerie brand that has sizes for different kinds of women, having a big band and lesser cup size in proportion would really be a bad problem. I’ve been helping my friend with her bra search (Good thing I don’t have the problem she has) and we found this website, She found lingerie that’s for her size and enjoys them but she still wants to something about the band size. She’s on a diet know and it’s really helped her find new bras easier than before.
    Cassie Hargett recently posted..Bra Shopping Tips for Men


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