FFFWeek 2012 Indie Designer Showcase: Lavenders Jungle

FFFWeek 2012 Indie Designer Showcase: Lavender’s Jungle

Drama. Attitude. Shine.

Newcomer on the plus size fashion scene, Lavenader’s jungle is no newbie when it comes to technique and design. The designer behind Lavender’s Jungle, La Krisha S. Joseph-Baker, knew at an early age fashion was her passion. From wedding gowns, business wear, club wear, to special occasion, La Krisha has had her hand in custom design, thanks to the stern teachings by her Great Grandmother, a master seamstress.

On her technical skills in training: “If the seams of a garment didn’t line up, no matter how long you worked on it, my great grandmother would rip it apart. It teaches you to put your best work forward the first time.”

In early 2012, La Krisha formed Lavender’s Jungle, a full figured fashion line that caters to women size 16-22. To create this line, La Krisha only uses the best quality materials to create one of kind designs, taking into consideration the specific needs of your curves. La Krisha aims to bring out the inner confidence within you, when you put on one of her garments.

For Full Figured Fashion Week, there was a play with brocades, silks, finite detail in her bustier tops, and drama in her tulle lined dresses. Defintiely not one to bore and for the plus size woman who is not afraid of some drama.

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Take a look at a few of my favorites from the Lavender’s Jungle Collection:

FFFWeek 2012 Indie Designer Showcase: Lavenders Jungle

You can view the entire Indie Designer Showcase shot by Richard Lew Photography, here. To learn more about Lavender’s Jungle, please visit their website, catch their musings on Facebook, and join the conversation on Twitter!

What do you think of the collection? Did it catch your eye? Share with me your thoughts, then share with your girls!

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  1. Thank you so much Marie, you did a great job capturing exactly what I hoped to express while creating this line…fun, confidence, and plenty of drama. 🙂 btw your acceptance speech at the retailer event hit home girl! Confirmation!

  2. I knew it! Fashion is not intended for slim and well weighted people only and this runway proves that much. All models were obese and no one of them presented and showed of dismay because they were capable and comfortable with the dresses. Thumbs up for the outfits. 

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