OOTD: MY Spring has Sprung


Itching for Spring, despite all the rain and HAIL (wth?) last night…. I was in my own little bubble as I headed out to Pasadena for a fab lunch with a fabulous boutique owner…

Looking out my window, I saw a sliver of sun and was GEEKED.

OOTD: MY spring has sprung

How MOTED I was.

See, the moment I crossed the 15 freeway, all of what looked like sun quickly evaporated and as the clouds sashayed in and rained on my cement parade out to lunch, I was NOT prepared. NOT.At.ALL.

But I did not care. It was SPRING in my head… Tossing on my leather bomber- I was straight. LOL

And it did me well, because at the end of my lunch, I brought the sun with me to Pasadena!

OOTD: MY spring has sprung

Pure Elation!

So, I had fancied my new City Chic Maxi Dress, my sleeveless vest from I think Pure Energy (from a gift bag from FFFWeek!) and a leather braided belt from eons ago…

OOTD: MY spring has sprung

…and this is how my spring sprung….

Hehehehe… Do you like?




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    • says

      It is!!!!!!! See… You do it to your self!!! LOL… girl… I completely get it though, the shopping ban- I havent Shopped for shoes in a min and now- I am about to go to town!

  1. says

    Darling, you are so beautiful! Just stunning! I have been having problems commenting on your blog, but only because my pc is not working properly so don`t worry, but I just want to say that I am reading you!!! Love, Anika

  2. CurvyGirlChic says

    So pretty!!! The print on that skirt is gorgeousssss <333

    You look lovely! :)

    xo Allison

    p.s. we didn't have ANY hail! huh??

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