Style tips for that Valetine’s Date Night

Thank you for your patience as I have revamped and am continuing to revamp my blog. Nonetheless, I wanted to bring you some style tips when you go to choose your Valentines outfit for your date with your sweetie or the girl’s.!

Valentine’s weekend will be here in less than two weeks and a curvy girl (you) has probably been wondering, “What’s a Curvy gal to wear?” When it comes to choosing an outfit, you must keep these tips in mind when dressing not only for Valentines weekend, but also for any special occasion. I know you, as with every woman, (curvy, plus, or straight) wants not only to look but also feel fabulous when out about town. When it comes to plus size clothing, our choices are a bit more limited and our resources are few. However, do not fret! Read on as I share with you foolproof tips for that special date night that will reveal and flatter EVERY inch of your curves!

What to wear for Valentine’s Day or Date night:

1. Lay the right Foundation
Every amazing outfit begins with the proper foundation. You have heard it over and over again! So much so that one has to think that we are on to something here. Thanks to your continual outcry, designers are creating sizzling, sexy, and supportive lingerie for day and night.
So why the fuss?

The proper bra, slimmer, or panty sets the tone for how your garments will lay on you. Whether it be cleavage, tummy control, or an all over slimmer (I think of it as a smoother), whatever assets you want to accentuate, foundations prime your curves to do just that.

Which one to wear?

Depending on your outfit and “problem” areas you want to conceal, the type of foundation will be determined for that. My favorite designers for shape wear are Gok Wan, Spanx, and Hips and Curves.

2. Headed to a Fancy dinner??

Now, as a plus fashionista, I have always believed that one should not hide in her clothes. That rule applies to YOU as well! Hiding in a tent only makes you look frumpier and bigger! There are soo many fashions and fabrics that are created with the ample bosom, round belly, voluptuous thighs, and delicious derrière in mind.

Do I have your attention?

Gone are the days where you frustratingly tire over finding an amazing dress in your size for your shape! With the right foundation, the look you want to achieve can be had, with the right resources.

Who to wear

With so many shape and size guides provided by designers, websites, and blogs, guidance and assistance is out there, but I have my favorites for you! Monif C, CarmaKoma (my new favorite), SWAK, David Meister and Anna Scholz bring you sexy, figure complementing dresses that will take his (and yours) breath away

3. A Casual Date?
If your date night is a bit more casual, you still have to be fierce! Premium denim (like what you see in department stores) paired with an amazing blouse, is becoming more and more fashionably available to you in YOUR size! Designers are recognizing the Curvy.Confident.Chic. Fashionista has money to spend and wants to look and feel just as fabulous as her straight diva.

When dressing up your denim, always opt for a darker rinse (color). The darker shades create a dressier look to whichever top you pair with them! I referenced premium denim, yes!

Paige Denim, David Khan, Svoboda, and Embody Denim are designers who use Japanese and/ or higher quality denim used in straight sized denim!
Finding that fashionable compliment of a top and jacket has never been easier! Make sure your outfit is complete with the fierce top and jacket (because it’s cold outside!) Dear Starlet, Kiyonna, Marie Melodie, and Abby Z have amazing frocks that will have you strutting your stuff!

4. Accessorize to Maximize

Now that you have chosen your amazing outfit, your outfit is not complete without the finishing touches. What is fabulous is that there are so many resources that any fashionista can find to complete your look!

Earrings, bracelets, belts, shoes, purses, and necklaces are all options a girl must use to finish and polish off her look! As a plus size woman, finding rings and bracelets that fit your finger and wrist had been hard but now is possible. Emitation has a wonderful selection of jewelry that you see in all the fashion magazines!

Now that I have summed up some looks that a Curvy.Confident.Chic. fashionista, like yourself should don, please take with you these tips when you go shopping for the special date night! Should your date night continue into the wee hours (mhmm) please read my previous post about Plus Size lingerie in your size!
Happy shopping!

Keep it Curvy,

Marie Denee

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