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Ditch the Baby Powder! Zone Naturals Has Your Chub Rub Solution!

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*Sings* Summertime in Atlanta, but the living ain’t easy. It’s hot. And what is our first instinct when its hot? To get nekkid. Okay, maybe not completely naked (unless you are in your own house, Boo, do you) but the instinct is to wear as little as legally possible. The shortest of Shorts, the flowiest of flowy skirts (maybe even with a little commando action, but I digress), and even the must needed bathing suits. What is the common denominator for us with the thick thighs that save lives, trying to dress cool in this summer heat? Chub Rub.

If you’re like me, then you feel like you’ve tried everything: lotion, oils, hosiery, layering shorts (although there are some great, lightweight options nowadays) that just add another layer of clothing to an already unbearable outfit and even baby powder!

What have you used in the past to fight chub rub?

zone naturals chub rub
Photo courtesy of Zone Naturals

We have even heard that a few of you use deodorant to help your chub rub situation… There are now a variety of options to play with. Let’s face it folks, baby powder is for babies, they are the only ones who can walk, crawl or toddle around looking ashy and still be cute.

Well, guess what? Zone Naturals has got you covered!


Zone Naturals Has Your Natural Chub Rub Solution

The brand behind Chub Rub, Med Zone, has always had our backs, and inner thighs, with their products that combat chafing. Now they’ve brought us Zone Naturals, a line of all-natural skin protectants. The new Chub Rub formula is moisturizing, healing and helps to facilitate glide and fight the terrible, stinging rash that some of us know all too well.

Chub Rub formula from Zone Naturals
Photo courtesy of Zone Naturals

You can learn more and shop them, at

If you haven’t been to the Zone Naturals website yet you need to get on over there and check out the product line. You can find ways to keep your skin healthy so you can enjoy the beautiful, sunny days ahead.

Have you tried Zone Naturals Chub Rub formula? What did you think? 

Better yet, what do YOU use for chafing?

Let me know in the comments!

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Written by Teresa Kennedy

Aspiring lifestyle blogger (let's see how far the introvert nerd in me will let that get) and self-proclaimed Facebook humorist, you can find me in Atlanta enjoying movies, art, music, food and festivals. If you can't find me that means I'm on my solo Netflix and chill.

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  1. It’s too hot for shorts under dresses!
    My go to is Dove deoderant… it’s silkier than other brands, and the travel size fits in any purse for touch-ups while you’re out. It also, of course, limits sweating (bonus), and stays on fairly well after (ocean) swimming. But if the aluminum salts are an issue, this looks like a great alternative!

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