Cool News! The Tracee Ellis Ross x JC Penney Collection is Coming, & In Plus Sizes Too!

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What better way to start your day than with the news that one of your favorite style icons has just partnered with one of your favorite brands to create a size inclusive collection! Imagine my surprise scrolling through Instagram this morning and seeing that Tracee Ellis Ross announced a new holiday collection! OMG!!! 

And from the looks of the pictures she teased, it is going to be a good one! And did I mention that it will INCLUDE plus sizes? Up through a 3x (hopefully they will extend further, like the rest of their plus sizes), from what we can see, this collection is going to be a lot of fun! A red pantsuit, sequins shift dresses, more suiting and bodycon options? Sign me up. STAT.

I’m soooooo excited to announce that I’ve partnered with @JCPenney to create a holiday collection that I hope empowers women to embrace their joyful spirit. Each piece was imagined and designed by me! Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross is fashion goals. Right?!  

The Tracee Ellis Ross x JC Penney Collection is Coming In Plus Sizes

The #TER4JCP collection drops November 12 and will have 45 pieces available! The prices will range from $9-$75, and sizes range from Small to 3X — for everybody and every body!

The Tracee Ellis Ross x JC Penney Collection is Coming, & In Plus Sizes Too!

So seeing that we’re getting to wear a collection created by her, but with EVERY BODY in mind is just….. AMAZING!

The Tracee Ellis Ross x JC Penney Collection is Coming, & In Plus Sizes Too!

Shop the Tracee Ellis Ross x JC Penney collection on!

Why did this take so long? I have been a fan of hers for quite some time now and this is just way too exciting! I mean, Diva literally runs through her blood and if I can get just a taste of that with this collection, honey, I am here for it!

I’m soooooooo ready! Are you? Which look is calling out to you?

all images from Tracee Ellis Ross’s Instagram

Let us know how hyped you are in the comments below! 

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  1. I’m loving it!! She’s so eclectic, modern, fashionable, in nouveau elegance. I hope fashion translates well to plus-sizes. I’d be ecstatic!

  2. It’ll be good if the plus sizes are true to the plus size measurements and not cut down 1 or more sizes and marketed with the larger size and larger price tag as many clothing stores unfortunately carry.

  3. While I appreciate that this is an all inclusive collection I wish they would show the pieces once on the site with varying models sizes for the thumbnails and in the selection varying model sizes for the images.

  4. Me!!! I️ got the velvet burgundy dress… I️ can’t wait until it gets here. She is my all time girl crush. I️ totally set an alarm on my phone for midnight like 2 months ago to wake up for when it launched lol

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