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Share This! 7 Tips for Buying Lingerie For Your Plus Sized Lover 

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Nothing says I love you like a piece of lingerie that is 2 sizes too big or 2 sizes too small, right? Have no fear! I have more than a few tips when it comes to buying plus size lingerie for your significant other!  

Right around Valentine’s Day, we get people coming in and out of Curvy Girl Lingerie, our boutique in San Jose (mostly men), and they really want to get something super sexy and pretty for their wife or girlfriend. And, it’s too cute, but they want to show me a photo of her on their cell phone and they will say something like “this is what size she is.”

Plus size lingerie shopping tips

Sadly, cell phone pic of her is just not enough to go on when trying to determine the right size lingerie to buy her. Here are some tips and I am not sure how you can get this into the hands of your lover, but maybe print this out and tape it to the bathroom mirror, because these are tips can actually help your love life! Because let your boo by your lingerie that is 2 sizes too big or 2 sizes too small… well, there may not be any loving for a little while!

Before going to the plus size lingerie or romance store, please be prepared with these 7 Tips!

7 Tips for Buying Lingerie For Your Plus Sized Lover

    1. Pay attention to your lover and the colors she wears a lot. (Black is not a color!) Does she wear jewel tones? Does she wear pastels? Does she look sexy in red? Does purple make her look like a goddess?  Pay attention to the clothes she wears when she goes out to dinner with you or with her girlfriends.Plus size lingerie shopping tips


    1. Be a little sneaky and take a look in her underwear drawer. Does she mostly wear cheeky shorts or thongs? Is she a bikini panty, boyshorts, or a g-string person. (Granny panties should be taken out of the equation. Those are strictly for comfort and for emergencies.)
    2. While you’re in her underwear drawer, check the sizes in the labels. Be sure to please check the underwear at the front of the drawer. Those will be the one’s she is wearing now. The one’s in the back of the drawer will be undies she paid a lot of money for and may or may not fit any more, but she is keeping them just on principle!
    3. You are also going to need her bra size. Find her stash of bras and again check the label. We are going to need to know her band size and her cups. The band size will be a number. The cups size will be a letter or several letters. Try to find her newer bras and the ones she is wearing now. Women tend to hang on to their bras F.O.R.E.V.E.R and often we will wear a bra that is a size 42 when in fact we are actually a 44 or 46. So make sure the bra is not a bra she has been wearing for 8 years as those will be super stretched out and the size will be meaningless.Plus size lingerie shopping tips


  1. Now here is the really important part, please go and check her dresses, blouse and pants/skirt sizes. If you can come to my store or another boutique and you can tell us “she wears a size 18 pants and a size 22 top” then we have a 90% chance of helping you find something that is going to work right away. (Typically with lingerie, it’s fun to wear it as soon as she opens it. Everyone is excited and we want to try to get it right the first time if we can.)
  2. Think about her general overall style. Some women love a super feminine, romantic look. Some women prefer a more sophisticated or darker look. (Remember, we’re thinking about what SHE likes.)  If you like something different, you can buy her a second piece. But, if you really want her to wear it, feel super confident and get excited, buy her something that is her style – not yours. You can always come back later once she has all of that confidence raring to go and buy her an item that is more YOUR style… like maybe for YOUR birthday.Plus size lingerie shopping tips
  3. When you do zone in on an item that you are considering buying her, do a few things first before you buy it. Ask yourself, Does this look comfortable?”  “Does this feel itchy or scratchy?”  “Does this look like it fits in with her overall style?” If you want to build up her confidence than you will want to make sure it’s comfortable. Itchy and scratchy lace can really ruin a moment.No fun and not sexy. Ask the sales associate a few questions about the fabric choices, if you are not sure!

EXTRA TIP: One last extra tip I can share with you is to have a general idea of her height.  That can help us figure out a good style for her.  We don’t want to send you home with a piece that is way too long or way too short for her!

Plus size lingerie shopping tips

I own a plus size lingerie boutique in San Jose and I can share with you that one of the most difficult items to buy for someone who can’t be there to try it on, is a corset or bustier. They require so much more precision. So, if you can, opt for a baby doll, chemise, slip or robe. Those will work great on a curvy body and the success rate will be so much better!

I LOVE to help couples to have lots of hot sex and when you show up with lingerie, stockings or panties that fit well….

Well, you can just mail me a Thank You note.

Ready to shop? Well, you can shop Chrystal’s store at!

Curvy Girl Lingerie in San Jose!

Chrystal is the owner and very proud Resident Curvy Girl of Curvy Girl Lingerie, San Jose’s only plus size lingerie boutique. She also owns, her very tasteful online romance store and home pleasure party business, which she started in 2003.

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Written by Team TCF

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  1. Awesome! I am looking such kind of tips to buy lingerie for my loved one. Finally, I got it 🙂 I sure It will help me to buy a beautiful and sexy lingerie for my partner. Once again, Thanks!

  2. One of my best friends told me that it’s hard for her to find clothes that fit her as she wants because she has some extra pounds. I like how you said that some women prefer a more sophisticated or darker look. I will recommend her to read this article so she can have more confidence when she goes shopping.

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