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Looking for a Few Great Plus Size Vintage Finds? Meet New Vintage Lady Patterns!

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If you’re a plus size thriftier you know about the heartbreak of this next scenario: Finding the perfect Halston wrap dress from the 70’s Diana Ross Mahogany era. One slight issue, sizing from the 70’s is very different from today’s measurements and standard sizing. So, your sweet vintage find is a bust. I’m getting sad just thinking about it. No worries because you will love what about to share with you! Do you Sew? Have you thought about creating your own fab plus size fashions, but needed a little help? Have you heard of New Vintage Lady plus size pattern maker?

Meet LA plus size vintage pattern maker Shelley Johnson of New Vintage Lady, a vintage lover who has turned her passion into her profession. Working with vintage patterns for about 15 years, Johnson knew the struggles and began sizing vintage patterns up for herself. When other vintage lovers started asking about her fashion, Johnson knew she had a new venture on her hands and created

I’m from LA, which has arguably the largest vintage scene in the country, so looking the part is key. I LOVE vintage styles and classic lines, but also like to mix it up from time to time by pairing modern pieces with the classic looks for something totally different. I think that’s what makes individual style and fashion part of personal expression. – Shelly Johnson, New Vintage Lady

New Vintage LadyNow Shelley is ready to take her love for vintage styles and classic lines a step further with her Kickstarter campaign to bring New Vintage Lady to all plus size vintage lovers everywhere! So Exciting!!! Ohhh and guess what? I had to mention, that Shelly is also an artist? These are her curvy sketches below!

New Vintage Lady1


New Vintage Lady2

Now you can show your support for this awesome and creative entrepreneur by checking out her Kickstarter and make a donation, show your support, and if you’d like, secure your own patterns! Vintage fashion is actually my first love when it comes to my style aesthetic and inspiration. I love to thrift and find really cute vintage pieces, that I can mix into my current wardrobe for a unique look. It’s great to see another vintage lover creating more options for the plus size vintage lovers.New Vintage Lady4

Are you excited and curious? Well You can support her campaign at!

Want to learn more about Shelly? Make sure you visit!

What do you think? How cool is this campaign? I am sooo curious about this and if vintage and thrifting is right up your alley, take a peek and support!

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