Plus Size and Pregnant- A roundup of the designers and retailers

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I have been asked a few times from you ladies, where does one shop when plus size and pregnant. I understand it is hare shopping for plus size maternity clothes and designers. Honestly, I only knew of a few, but to really get down to business with this, I chatted up my very pregnant sister (she is due NEXT Monday!!!) and took to the Internets! I wanted to see and understand, because if basic fashion for plus size women was hard enough, I could only begin to imagine where fashions for the plus size and pregnant women were!

So I asked my sister, who most recently started her own blog, Babies, Boobs, and Brains (Proud big sister moment!) as she is a mother of a handsome 20 month old, and is pregnant with my little niece! After the interview, I have gathered some stateside and international sites that ship worldwide for plus size maternity clothing!

Before you had your kids were you a plus size woman?
Yes I was, I was a 14-16 and a XXL! By the definition…yes plus sized

Shopping for clothes during your pregnancy, what did you find the hardest to shop for?
Hardest to shop for by far are pants….when your belly is changing its hard to find pants that work the whole pregnancy! Some fit for a month, some don’t fit until later

Where did you shop?
I shopped everywhere! Target, Lane Bryant, Old Navy, Totsy (Like a sample sale site for moms!), anywhere I could!

What places seemed to work best for you?
None and all of them…honestly I’d rather be naked or in sweatpants …but for need to present myself in public, I loved my old navy maternity clothes

When shopping did you shop Online or In Store?
Best results in store… I have shopped online and been upset at sizes that don’t work for my body type during pregnancy

Which online stores worked BEST for you? If you couldn’t get to a store?

Tell us about your blog, Babies, Boobs, and Brains?

You know what my blog is about sister…Its my outlet ..its my way to express my mommy woes n happinesses through parenthood ….to share…to get help…its my contribution to

Are your answers the same as my sister’s? Well, take a peek below as I have rounded up some cool places for you to shop for plus size maternity clothing!


Plus Size Maternity Clothes:

The Designers and Retailers

I will be adding these to the plus size designer page, especially as I find more and more! But in the meantime, where do YOU or did YOU shop for plus size maternity clothing?

 all images from my sister.

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