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Miraclebody Jeans for Your Curves

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I love that denim designers are paying attention to the curves.  I love it! Especially when a denim designer utilizes the most amazing blends of cotton and elastine/spandex- the stretchy stuff, to allow all of my curves to fit comfortably and fashionably!

So, imagine my surprise when Miracle Body shot me a pair of denim to review! Now you when you think of Miracle Body, naturally, you think of the swimwear right?  Yes! However, they have taken their patented form and function and translated this into their newest endeavor- clothing!

Excitedly, I could not wait to slip this denim onto my curves, really wondering if they rock as well as the site says!  Let me just tell you!  LIKE BUTTA BABY! Not quite denim, not quite jeggings, but these definitely were comfortable!

I chose the Katie straight leg jean, after needing a new pair of dark indigo; I went for the Lagoon. They are a midrise jean (which is my new favorite to comfortably hold in the tummy!) Boasting that their unique control panel discretely holds and firms the tummy for a smooth finish from front to back, I was a bit skeptic- but not anymore!

I wore this denim on a trek.  I hopped on the BART (the train) across the bay into the city, walked about seven or eight- maybe more, nice (read: long) blocks, played nice with a fashionable bunch at a denim launch party, and I must say, I was COMFY!

How did I fashion them? Well, I rocked my French Connection jacket, J Crew extended calf flat boots (it is still chilly in SF!), and a DKNY Tank!

Miraclebody Denim and The Curvy Fashionsta

Miracle Denim and The Curvy Fashionsta

Again- rocking my Boho Luxe feel!  I must say, I am a believer!

What is so special about these jeans?  Here are the stats:

The Miraclebody Jeans:

  • Fashions a contoured waistband, sitting one inch below the belly button- doesnt cut you off at that weird place!
  • Sit higher in the back to avoid the crack shot- you know crack kills
  • Strategically and consciously, place the pockets to draw the eye upward and inward- rather than looking flat! Can we say perky?
  • Their unique and patented canvas holds the tummy in! No muffin top!
  • AND they have twice the amount of spandex- to lift the bum!  Hey hey now!!!

So far, Miraclebody jeans are fashioned up to a size 18, please visit the site if you are wanting to learn more about Miraclebody Jeans and the fabulosity for your curves!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I don’t know why it took so long for designers to figure out that making jeans to fit every shape would be wise and profitable. I hadn’t heard of these jeans until I saw you tweet about them, but I will definitely check out their website.

  2. I love the jeans but I hate the $110 price tag, what i hate even more is that the inseam stops at 32! What about our longer legged divas? ! I’m 5’10 and inseam is 34 inches!!!

    xoxo Marie

    • Girl! Tondie! With all these curves, and thighs, and rubbing in between them, I would invest in a little bit more of a substantial fabric and cut to ensure great wear! I wanna make sure I can dip in these jeans, w/o crack shots or fear of ripping the denim! 🙂

  3. Oh YES! These jeans DEFINITELY do the job! This was the brand I received when I did the Jean story for FITNESS magazine. I was thrilled with how the really do help tuck in your tummy. The price is high, but the fit is great! There’s nothing wrong with spending a little more on jeans considering how often you wear them. Most of us will spend $100 or more on a dress we only wear one or two times. All I can say ladies is that you can look at them as an investment piece that you don’t wear all of the time. Alternate these jeans with others that aren’t as expensive. Wear them when you have a HOT date, or someplace special to go and FLAUNT IT!

  4. You looking good girl!!! I don’t mind shelling out the dough for some good jeans, my only question is are they more of a jean or a legging? I wasn’t quite sure from your article…

  5. Would love to try these,but like a previous poster said, need more inseam. I wear a 36 inch inseam on my 5’11” frame. Will definately check them out if they extend their lengths.

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