Karl drank the Kool-aid- Crystal Renn for Chanel

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Earlier this week, pictures popped up of Chanel’s Cruise collection on the French Riviera in Saint Tropez, a place where Karl spent parts of his childhood. Stepping out of the norm, into a new direction, Karl Lagerfeld chose to use the beautiful Crystal Renn for his show. Great right?

Well, there is more behind the fabulosity Crystal Renn showed as the barefoot Chanel-clad curvy fashionista strutted down the runway. The fact that Crystal Renn walked for the very man who said “No one wants to see curvy women,” is astounding and a major breakthrough. Rather than the blank slate of a model, Karl chose to have the models exude their own personality, as Each girl was cast because of her sense of individuality, Karl told Andre Leon Talley.

Crystal Renn for Chanel Resort 2011Crystal Renn for Chanel at Saint TropezCrystal Renn for Chanel at Saint Tropez

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What does this mean for Plus Size Fashion?

As the ever-enthusiastic one, I see this as something major, given Karl Lagerfeld’s very vocal opposition to plus models. I do find it very interesting that right after he made the comment heard around the globe, he then shoots for V Magazine’s Size Issue, then fashions one of the industry’s highly sought plus models!

With the amalgamation of the high fashion spreads of curvy fashionistas in the European magazines, such as French Elle, Polish Elle, French Marie Claire, and French Vogue having Chanel fashion any size diversity is huge!

I am excited to see what lies ahead in the world of plus, but my question to you is, do you see this beyond a one time thing or as a movement forward?

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Written by Marie Denee

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  1. I guess we will just have to wait and see, if the industry only books Crystal Renn for shows then that isn’t improvement , but if they add other plus size models along with Crystal to the lineups then that will be much better.

  2. Hopefully this is the beginning of a movement towards acceptance for all body types. Crystal Renn is certainly beautiful and the work she has done already proves that she is more than “just” plus size.

  3. I guess I don’t see this particular act as a breakthrough even for Karl. Crystal is obviously a hot commodity who has gained tremendous momentum over the last year especially. I think having her was more about his bottom line than her curves which are probably markedly reduced from what he would even call plus size. I’m with Beauty above, there has to be more than a token full figured model in the group. And someone with more ass and boobage.

    • I agree! While she knocks downs doors we would never have had the chance to, I do hope we start to see more and more diversity of plus size models…

      I am expecting the doors have only started to open!

  4. I always wonder how much self-hatred the formerly 300+ pound Karl must have had… he is all about sensationalism. I agree with what some of the ladies have written above – let’s see if he does anything similar again.

    I also see Crystal shrinking and shrinking. She is so far from “Plus Sized” now. In the recent Glamour spread, she hardly stood out from the other models. She is gorgeous and curvy and I love her, but it seems she is shrinking. I hope she stays the size she is now.

  5. She has lost loads of weight from a few years back when she did a Vogue spread. I’m sure she had to fit into SOMETHING by Chanel! Bit hey i don’t get upset, she’s just like
    millions of other women in this world, probably up and down several pounds every year going on some crazy crash diet!

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