Ask the Reader: Plus Size Peplum Shorts- Could You?

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I stumbled across these and had to think a few times over about them… Like seriously. I could kind of see a way to rock these, but then I have way too many questions. Hehehe. I saw these plus size peplum shorts and immediately I knew I needed to share this with YOU. To ask you your thoughts and ideas around this find from Fashion to Figure.

These Fashion to Figure Plus Size Peplum Shorts

Fashion to Figure Plus Size Peplum Shorts on The Curvy Fashionista

I mean, on one hand, they are quite fun and I could see these with a crop fitted in black, in the same color. Or a fitted bodysuit in the same color… The only way I could see these actually rocking is to keep it simple and chic. Otherwise the lines or the silhouettes would cut in weird places… this is the only way I think.

I think I would have loved this too, if it were floral print. Yes. A floral or graphic option here. I think I am going to buy them and to see how they make sense in my mind. I mean, hell, I overcame my skater skirt fear… remember when I asked you about that? LOL Actually as you read this, I have already purchased these shorts and have made them mine to test out. I ordered a 2X, because Fashion to Figure is a junior plus size cut.

Fashion to Figure Plus Size Peplum Shorts on The Curvy Fashionista

You can score these for $20 bucks here, at Fashion to Figure.

I mean, for only $20, I am willing to test these out and have a little fun! LOLOL. I think it is great to see that there are new silhouettes and options to play in and around with! Seriously!

What do you think? I am needing to know what you think. I am asking you, the reader your thoughts here with these!

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