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How To Get: Your Daily Dose Of Vitamin D Without The Sun

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This post was originally published on Hey Aprill.

In the summer your body can convert as little as 15 minutes of direct sunlight into plenty of vitamin D to keep us feeling healthy. However, when sunlight is scarce, you can start to feel tired, weak, and have higher blood pressure.

Of course, there are plenty of ways that you can get your daily dose of vitamin D in the duller months, through what you eat and what you put on your skin.

Foods Rich In Vitamin D

vitamin D

There are plenty of foods you can add to your diet that are rich in vitamin D. Reap the benefits of mushrooms, salmon (fresh or tinned), oysters, prawns, eggs, and cheeses including Swiss, parmesan or cheddar.

For vegetarians and vegans, products such as fortified milk, soy milk, and tofu are also sources of vitamin D although perhaps not as much as the natural ingredients we listed.

With Your Skincare Products

Living Libations Sun Dew Vitamin D Cream

Without that vital ‘sunshine vitamin’ your skin can start to look dull. That’s why many professional dermatologists look toward vitamin D2 in skincare products. Topical vitamin D will work toward giving you that coveted healthy glow, promoting cell renewal, and helps with the general repair of any skin damage.

Vitamin D has also been proven to have anti-inflammatory effects on problem skin, warding off wrinkles and battling against environmental factors that can aggravate your complexion.

If you’re someone who can’t last the winter without a tan, why not try a natural tanning product that will give you a real-looking glow as you get your vitamin D from elsewhere.


Taking a vitamin D supplement means that it will go from your bloodstream and into your liver. It then goes to your kidneys and turns to calcitriol, sent back into your bloodstream and attaches to vitamin D receptors to help your bones, kidneys, and digestive system to function correctly.

vitamin D
Nature Made Vitamin D3

Those who follow a strict vegan diet can often struggle to get enough vitamin D in the food that they eat. That’s because most foods rich in the vitamin are derived from animals. Vitamin D2 is suitable for vegans, but vitamin D3 is not.

The Vegan Society makes a daily supplement called VEG 1 that can provide you with an intake of vitamin B12, D, iodine, and selenium.

Of course, the very best way to ensure you’re getting enough vitamin D is to spend more time outdoors.

Image Via Fat Girls Hiking Instagram

We understand that this isn’t always possible, but as long as you treat yourself well from the inside out, we’re sure you can make it through the duller seasons without too much trouble!

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