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Beyond the Coat: Faux Fur Accessories We’re Obsessed With

Looking for other options to keep you warm this winter? We've got 8 faux fur accessories we're obsessing over that are perfect for the rest of the season!

It’s winter, it’s cold and generally you don’t want to be outside. However, since you have to go out into the elements eventually, you may as well do it in style. That comes courtesy of every fashionista’s favorite winter accessory— faux fur!

Not only is it obviously cruelty-free, but it is considerably better on your wallet. Having a gorgeous jacket is a must, and a great price for it? Bombilicious. Getting those great deals, great prices, and great looks is the ultimate steal. What better way to stay warm in this winter weather. With faux fur, you’re able to have the look without hurting an animal, a great deal for an amazingly cheaper price. But what about other faux fur accessories to complete your winter ensemble? Well, we’ve got ‘em right here for you!

Many don’t think that faux fur can be worn other than as a jacket or purse. However, this fur is found in many things such as jewelry, shoes, bags, scarves, phone covers, hats, beanies, bowties, and of course- GLOVES! Of course there will always be more faux fur in the world than jackets and purses, so remember that there are much more than this list! Check out our collection of faux fur accessories that you absolutely NEED to have right now! You’ll look so good, you’ll be ready to take on “Old Man Winter” head-on this season. The true question is, which do you get first?! Look below and check them off your list, girl.

Faux Fur Accessories We’re Obsessed With

Aren’t they beautiful?!

Winter needs us covered, we’ve gotta find ways to do it in fashion. Do you have some of these at home? If so, which are perfect for winter? Did we miss some on the list or in our pictures? Are there some you need? Did these accessories calm your craving for some faux fur? Lets chat.

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