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Livi Rae Lingerie Fights Discrimination with #NOSHAMELIVIRAE

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I have adored the founders of Livi Rae Lingerie, Molly and Cynthia since I found them on Double Digit Divas. These women are passionate about support, lingerie, and for celebrating your body. They have gotten MY girls together and have hooked me up with amazing brands to play in. So when I heard that they were the target of discrimination, I had to dig into it, show our support, and share this news with you.

You see, Molly and Cynthia have this awesome campaign out right now, “Real Bras for Real Women with Real Stories” that highlights a variety of women in various walks of life! So, when they decided to show off their campaign in their Kennesaw store windows, they were proud, hyped, and excited. I mean, I would be too!

Livi Rae Real Bras for Real Women with Real Stories (1) Well, much to their surprise and dismay, their landlord took issue with their ads, asking them to take it down and shared that “the display was in poor taste.”

“In the seven years that we’ve been in this location we’ve never had to have approval for any ad we put up,” Hopkins tells 11 Alive. “It’s Kennesaw, and it’s Georgia, and it’s real, and it’s women and it’s us.”

Record scratch.Livi Rae Real Bras for Real Women with Real Stories


Livi Rae Real Bras for Real Women with Real Stories

So a campaign with everyday women, loving their bodies, showcasing their beauty outside of society’s “ideal” and they have an issue with this? This is bananas. It was done tastefully, classy, and beautifully! I appreciate getting the weekly features of their latest ambassadors! Their stories are inspiring. But, in today’s world, why am I not surprised? I mean, look at the backlash that Nike got for launching a plus size range!

“OK, so it’s inappropriate. Why? Is It because I’m disabled? Is it because I’m curvy, or is it because I’m black? Which one is it? Tread lightly because all of those reasons are inappropriate.” Livi Rae Lingerie tells 11 Alive.

from 11 Alive
from 11 Alive

This is when FB lit up, with ambassadors like MsNickee Mack live streaming the situation, interviews, and frustrations. The hashtag, #NOSHAMELIVIRAE has launched to fight back against this random issue they’ve taken up with LiviRae.Livi Rae Real Bras for Real Women with Real Stories

I write this post in support of and to stand with Livi Rae. If you are going to have rules, enforce them fairly and continuously. Do not cherry pick times to create a fuss because you are not used to seeing women celebrate themselves.

Love Livi Rae or want to support? Shop them now, at

If you have ever shopped them, watched them, make sure you share and show your support with a #NOSHAMELIVIRAE tag!

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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  1. I have been harping on this all day with my FB fans. Who are these marketing people? I guess it is true. Only sexy young women in thongs get hired to work in these places. I call total BS. They should be marketing to the women who are buying these, not the other way around. Thanks Chrystal for sharing.

  2. IF, this is true, where do I sign up to protest,?? I am SOOOO.. sick of this Sh#$!,, REAL WORLD , real women, not fake, fantasy, plastic, robot, whatever, !!! THERE is nothing wrong with showing this AND IF you are offended by this, then you need to go to another planet, with aliens! BYE ! rant.

  3. I call BS. If Victoria’s Secret can parade around “angels” (scantily dressed “supermodels”), then why can’t Livi Rae show beautiful women who aren’t “supermodels”? This is nothing more than sizeism. Grrr.

    • If you’d actually read the article, you would have seen a lady who is a regular size but disabled is part of the campaign. This isn’t just about plus size bodies it’s about all women’s bodies no matter what their size!

    • I agree. In this case though I think it applies because from what I saw they don’t look photoshopped. To me that is the “real” factor.

      This is a person looking like a person. No stretched necks or relocated arms.

    • There is nothing about using the word “real” in regards to plus sized women that is intended to mean thin women aren’t real. Thin women have always been valued and respected more than larger women, and have long been considered the standard for women’s bodies. “Real” in plus sized advertising is meant to say two things… one, that these women aren’t airbrushed, and two, that curvy, larger, or fat women are real too… we are people too, we have a right to love and respect too. Not that thin women don’t… we already know that thin women are “real” and valued. Every time someone says “thin women are real too”, what I hear is “feminism should be called humanism” or “white lives matter”… because it has the same purpose… to derail conversations about the oppressed minority by screaming about how the majority has rights too. Uh, yeah, we know the majority is the default… that’s why minority groups… including women, including people of color, including LGBTQs, including plus sized people, even make campaigns like this, and try to make their own spaces and movements. Because we don’t get to take for granted that we matter, that we are “real”… because it apparently still needs saying, that we are real. Why is it that any majority group thinks that equality is oppression? And then that rallying cry of “thin women are real too” even gets ingrained in the very people trying to fight for themselves in the first place.

  4. If at anytime in the past they have shown women in lingerie without an issue then this is a clear case of discrimination. Rock and hard place though get landlord to back down and then what happens when lease needs to be renewed. Whole thing is crap.

  5. Wow. Here’s a concept: if you don’t like something you don’t have to look. Turn your head, walk away, roll away, drive away. This is so petty & stupid it’s unbelievable. This is why so many women and girls have eating disorders. This is why women & girls hate their bodies. This is why women & girls are insecure. This is why women & girls feel they aren’t worthy of being loved.

  6. Their ads before only included white thin women. Now that they’ve added plus size women and women of color it’s suddenly “in poor taste”. There is literally a mall with a Victoria’s Secret right behind their location with way more revealing ads in their window.

    I went to Livie Rae for a strapless bra for my wedding dress and had the best, most body positive shopping experience in my life. All of their employees are understanding and make you feel comfortable during and after the fitting. They have a great selection for ALL sizes and even make custom bras. I already loved Livie Rae but I adore them even more for not giving in.

  7. Really?! These ladies are more covered than the displays Victoria Secret has in their windows. Poor taste is displaying these skinny women wearing thongs in a mall window! My 9 yr old son’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. I had to distract him from looking at it. They are just mad because we can eat a donut and still feel and look fabulous while they starve and are always unhappy with themselves. I can’t wait for the chance to visit Livi Rae!!

  8. I just sent an email directly to the property owner Westwood Financial asking them to reverse the decision. I’m hoping they get thousands of similar emails, etc.

  9. All of this “othering” of anyone who isn’t White, heterosexual, able-bodied and thin……. Ya’ll see this, right???? The moment you “other” another human being… invite all manner of abuse…..

  10. I absolutely support Livi Rae. I purchased bras from them via their digital sizing. Great customer service….correct sizing….and great prices. Even if you dont live close to their store, you can support them.

  11. It’s the Egotistically Ignorant Neo Nazi’s who would have the add removed. It’s segregation. I wish people would wake up to themselves and realise that this planet is a huge melting pot of genetically evolved human’s, and we need to move forward with our thinking, not backwards . . .

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