ELLE France, Tara Lynn, and the Curvy Issue

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We have seen another high end fashion magazine (albeit an international one) display the beauty of the plus size woman. I immediately jumped to internet to find the images of the anticipated Special Roundes Issue of ELLE France! Inside the Elle France Curvy Issue, were more than a few celebratory moments for plus size fashion. 

EIGHTEEN images make up the spread of Tara Lynn in all her vivacious glory! I am in love! Okay, so asides from the spread, I am even more psyched that they featured French plus size fashion bloggers! YES! Valerie from Blog to be Alive, Stephanie from Le Blog de Big Beauty, and Lisa from Modeuses Rondes!

Inside this Elle France Curvy Issue

So what does this fashion spread look like?

For starters, I am happy that they featured a variety of designers- not just high fashion mainstream who have done a feature piece for the shoot, but a variety of designers, showing the likes of Marina Rinaldi, Ralph Lauren Black Label, and Max Mara– sprinkled with a dash of Gucci and Hermes!


Tara Lynn Elle France Curvy Issue

Tara Lynn Elle France Curvy Issue

Tara Lynn Elle France Curvy Issue

Tara Lynn Elle France Curvy Issue

Tara Lynn Elle France Curvy Issue

Tara Lynn Elle France Curvy Issue


Tara Lynn Elle France Curvy IssueTara Lynn Elle France Curvy IssueTara Lynn Elle France Curvy IssueTara Lynn Elle France Curvy Issue

(all images from Elle France Pulp Fashion Spread)

The issue features stories, plus size features, and designers that cater to the plus size body… in ways that we have yet to see happen in the US market. Which magazine do you think will be the first to level us up? To show the US American woman some love? You know, the 60+% of us who rock a size 14 and above? 

What do you think? Do you like this feature? Do you think that there could have been more offered in this issue? 

Can we realllyyyy talk about it? 

I am excited… now, the question is, when will an American magazine give us a proper full frontal plus size fashion spread like our international friends?

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

What do you think?


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  1. She is beyond gorgeous!

    Not only is she in the Mag, but she’s on the COVER… amazing!

    My fave shot is the one of her hips and legs… I also love the one of her sitting down with the white blouse/black skirt. Hmmm we can usually get international mags here in NYC, I may have to go pick this one up!


  2. She is so stunning it kills me! I absolutely love it and it is so exciting that the French Fatshion bloggers got included! I must hunt down a copy of this issue, in Idaho thats going to be quite the task though!


  3. I LOVE IT!!! Not only is she gorgeous but she has Curves for days. Nothing against smaller plus size models (because there’s room for everyone) but seeing a model with a little extra cushion is GREAT!!!

  4. She’s gorgeous of course. My first thought is that wicker chair must be prickly.

    If we got that here I’d totally pick it up. Those images would look great on a bulletin board!!

  5. Wow, I can’t believe how much France is embracing plus models, this is awesome and I love, love the black and white photos. The cover is hot, very classy and chic…is that a jumpsuit or two piece? and who is it by? For some strange reason I have a thing for white outfits this season lol

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Don’t know why but when I saw the imagines of French Elle I got so excited. I think I like this spread a tad better than the V Mag issue, because ELLE is more recognized. French Elle showed curvy ladies that represent us and the fashions seem more attainable and do for us. Also seeing a fellow plus size bloggers made scream with glee! Ok Now I am off to go get my French Elle

  7. wow! Wow! WOW! One word: LUSCIOUS! I love the nude because its SO REALISTIC! All of her thickness on full display! Then i love the fashion shot of her wearing black and white and sitting on the sculpted chair.
    There are two photos we can all learn from…the cleavage shot in black and white & the booty shot in the blue evening gown. Both show off her glorious assets in a very understated way; elegant, not overtly sexy.

    Hurray for Tara Lynn! I’m thrilled someone besides miss renn got this opportunity!

  8. sorry, but this girl is just fat..
    why they going from one extreme to another one,
    too skinny, too fat.
    why they not gonna show normal looking girls. because that not normal.
    she had beautiful face but thats it.

  9. She’s beatufil but why doesn’t anyone promote models in regular sizes? I mean 8-10? Fashion world promotes only unnaturaly thin models or a little bit overweight models. So my question is what about the rest of women, who are perefctly fit?

  10. She is gorgeous! She is so beautiful and realistic! I’m from poland and there people are… not so wise to aprecciate her! I don’t agree with them, because I think she is very beautiful, isn’t she?

  11. @Nika – You know what is interesting is that for the longest time, the size 8/10 model had been used as an industry standard for plus sizes… and even now, there are many agencies that send out a size 8 or 10 model for jobs, when a call for plus is being requested. I think that right now, there is a push to show the different ranges, and while it may be or feel one extreme or the other, I feel that eyes are being opened to see the beauty in a full figured woman, especially at a time when society is quick to judge a plus size woman on her looks alone… so we shall see… if this sparks an integration of women of all sizes, then I think we are onto something here…

  12. Just outstanding! I too commend French Elle for using a size 16 model instead of the safe and usual choice of size 10/12 Crystal. I’ve long admired Tara Lynn’s beauty, even in simple product shots (i.e. Kiyonna) To address the comment of a previous poster: “where are the 8-10’s?”, we’re more likely to see them in a “plus” spread. Allegra comes to mind in a previous Vogue shape issue, & the lovely Kasia, who appeared in the V issue is also on the smaller end of plus. Size 6 is really models’ no man’s land!

  13. Piekne fotki tylko dlaczego tak mało, proszę więcej!

    (In English) Beautiful photos but why so little, please more!

  14. Tara jest piękną kobietą, pełną seksapilu. Podziwiam ją za to, że nie boi pokazać się taką jaka jest. Mam nadzieję, że uda się jej zrobić karierę, może nawet jako modelki. Nie powinno się promować tylko wychudzonych modelek, bo takich jest wiele i niczym między sobą się nie różnią. tara górą.!

    (In english) Tara is a beautiful woman, full of sex appeal. I admire her for that, that is not afraid to show up for as they are. I hope that it succeeds in a career, perhaps as a model. Should be promoted not only emaciated models, because such a lot and nothing between them is no different. tara hill.!

  15. She’s a real beauty and should be applauded! I want to say “at last – a real woman” but she is way more beautiful than the average, but then that’s models for you. I am the world’s ONLY designer of plus-sized horse-riding wear (can you believe it?) which we manufacture and sell around the world – and we ONLY use plus-sized models (18/20 typically) and get nothing but positive feedback from the public. Fuller Fillies has a fantastic following worldwide and on facebook ( that isn’t only from bigger girls but also from appreciative men.
    bring on the revolution!

  16. She is lovely!! I think she has a lovely body and I think that all people’s sizes should be accepted in magazines and ad’s.

    Thanks for doing this!

  17. She is absolutely beautiful and totally thee sexiest! What’s not to love about this voluptuous vixen? Too bad the world thinks scranny is it. Scranny is actually revolting and this young lady is revolutionary :o)

  18. Tara looks stunning – seriously killer curves!

    D’you think there’ll ever come a day where this become normality rather than news-worthy? Here’s hoping!

    Thanks for this Marie 🙂

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