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What’s In My Box? A Dia & Co Unboxing! [VIDEO]

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Hey ladies! We are still recouping from all the fun from this weekend’s TCFStyle Expo and if you were there or have been watching our Facebook Lives then you’ve learned a little bit about Dia & Co already! Would you like to learn a little bit more with a Dia & Co Unboxing? Keep reading to see what fun we had!

For those of you lucky enough you were able to meet Ashby, my personal DIA&Co stylist, to learn more about the brand. For those who haven’t been lucky enough to already experience Dia & Co we’ve got a video for you with all the dets! Plus we got a pretty cool box with some awesome items!

Catch some of my favorite pieces from my Dia & Co box inside!

What’s In My Box? A Dia & Co Unboxing!

So my DiA&Co box was definitely full of surprises. Some pieces I loved and would have picked out myself. There were also some pieces that I loved and didn’t know that I would have picked them out for myself left to my own choices. And that there is the beauty of DIA&Co.

What's In My Box? A Dia & Co Unboxing! [VIDEO]

So a little about DIA&Co before we dive into what I got with my box! DIA&Co is a plus size clothing and personal styling exclusively for women sizes 14 – 32. When you make an account you answer a style profile questionnaire which gives your stylist an idea of what you like and don’t like in to wear. For instance, if you don’t want to show your stomach, or if you really love wearing sleeveless tops. You can also give price points for what you normally pay when shopping. You fill all that information out and then about a week or so later you get your box.

What's In My Box? A Dia & Co Unboxing! [VIDEO]

When your box arrives you’ll have a note from your stylist with tips for how to wear your items. There’s even an itemized list of your items with prices. If you choose to keep everything in your box you’ll get it for 25% off. But in the case you need to send anything back there’s free shipping & for the items you decide to keep the $20 styling fee goes towards those items.

What's In My Box? A Dia & Co Unboxing! [VIDEO]

So now to my box! So as you saw some of the pieces weren’t my favorite. But for the jeans with flower detailing, the romper, sleeveless top, and boyfriend jeans I loved them! The black jeans were probably my favorite! They were so cute and stretchy! I wouldn’t have normally picked them out on my own, but I am so glad that Ashby saw fit to send them to me.

I normally am not the try before you buy girl (especially since most of my shopping is online), but with DIA&Co I had no problem trying on every piece. Being in the comfort of your own home (and in better lighting) helps with that! I mean if you already have to get undressed to try one item you might as well try them all on.

Get your first box now at

So after watching my unboxing what do you think? Join me in letting one of DIA&Co’s personal stylist send you a box. Oh and while you’re at it, which piece from my box did you like the most? Let me know down in the comments.

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