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Reading Comments on Facebook Has Me Thinking…

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So here is the thing… I love what steps we are making in plus size fashion. There are more options for varying personal styles, budgets, aesthetics, and lifestyles. Change IS HAPPENING- WHEE! What does this mean?

While perusing through the comments last week and for the past few weeks, there were some common themes, concerns, thoughts, and comments that were raised that I HAVE TO ADDRESS. I was irritated, frustrated, saddened, conflicted, and intrigued…

I was going to make my thoughts a FB post, but then as I started writing, I quickly realized that this was more than that and we needed to talk a bit more in depth.

With these new changes, as plus size shoppers and women, we MUST change, realize, and recognize a few things with these great changes…

So What Does this Mean? These Changes?

Reading Comments On Facebook Leaves me Thinking

  • This means that there WILL be designers whose looks and aesthetics you do not love- AND this is OKAY. Variety is the spice of life. We no longer have to worry about walking around looking like each other.
  • This means that there will be designers whose level of execution and quality may be more than what you Can afford or want to pay. Having better designers, more options is NOT a punishment to YOU the plus size woman… all this means is that we have designers in plus that are starting to rival the straight size ones.
  • This means that if we want more, we have to support those who are giving it to us. If this means saving our pennies, shopping sample sales, waiting till clearance– then hey… do it! I DO! I even have a post about it here! But just like DVF, Theory, BCBG, Marc by Marc Jacobs, we now have Monif C, Jibri, CarmaKoma, and many others who cater to this CONTEMPORARY market.
  • This means that there will be some styles and looks that ARE NOT FOR YOU. AND this is QUITE ALRIGHT. What you will see on the blog and ON THIS PAGE is the various styles appealing to various women. If it is not for you, this is fine, but be careful NOT TO broadly swipe your dislike for one as the standard for all things PLUS.
  • This means that there will be some bloggers, plus size women, looks I rock, and styles shared that you may not understand, have thought you could NEVER play with, are shy to step out in, or could EVER be your cup of tea…  Now that we have options, we can EXPERIMENT with looks and styles. SO rather than knocking the girl with the brass to step outside her box, look at how you could try something that you never thought you could rock.

This means that CHANGE is happening in the community and this is FABULOUS.

  • We have plus size goth, sophisticated, edgy, rock star, diva, casual, laid back, boho, and insert whatever other personal style you identify with. THIS IS FABULOUS, because there are brands, designers, retailers, and companies who are catering to the various types of plus size women.
  • This means that here, at The Curvy Fashionista, we are able to break new designers, new boutiques, new collections, different looks, different bloggers, and various aspects within the community that all deal with plus size fashion! Again, Variety is the spice of life 😀

I wanted to share this as this change is as much as a new learning process as is the change that is happening.

We must be careful about how and what we say and share because while things may not work for you there is someone it works for.

There is someone bold enough to test that out, there is someone reading your comments who will step back into her shell, hearing your comments.

We can definitely and I LOVE when we disagree, because we (especially ME) learn sooo much from the conversation. This has been brewing over the past few weeks as I read every single comment on Facebook and on here and I want to make sure we are all accountable and aware of what we say, how we say it and how we look at things…


You hold me to a standard to deliver to you what you want, and I hear you and listen!  I DO!

This is why I have brought on others to help give you more of what you email, comment, and inbox me with!  I thank you for this! And I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!

Sorry for the long note, I had to address some of the things I have been seeing… I want us as a community to really move forward but in order to do that, we have to give it space, change and adapt, and welcome it!

What Say You? Do you Agree? Disagree? Let’s talk about this…

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Written by Marie Denee

I am the Editor in Chic of The Curvy Fashionista. Often goofy. Forever emo. Always a Virgo. You can find me somewhere grooving to 90s R&B.

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